Youngest PhD Student 15 Years Old

Indian teenager Tanishq Abraham passed biomedical engineering at the University of California at the age of 15. This amazing by completing graduation a few days before moving to 15 years in June. Now the goal is to the PhD. Based on his remarkable results, the University of California offers him the opportunity of research. This information was reported to PTI.

Tansych, a digital channel called Fox 40, said, “I am very happy and thrilled. I am proud of my achievement. ‘

Tanishq, son of Taji and Biju Abraham, from India, from Kerala. They said, ‘His wide interest in biomedical engineering. We are keeping the tune with him. ‘

Taniaisk created an instrument, which helps to measure the heart rate without touching the body of the burnt patient. At the age of seven, a compilation was published on the NASA Lunar Science website, US Space Research Organization.

Tansiq said that he has an interest in working for the cancer treatment method.

Taniaisk said to the press, ‘Yes, I want to invent the effective treatment method of cancer like many others.’

The University of California has got the consent of the University of Taniaisk to read it. She will study medicine on four to five years.