Wrote 10 times I have no Driving License

Students were examining the license of the vehicle from the morning on Thursday in the capital’s Asadgate signal. Without a license or paper, they were driving the driver to the traffic sergeant. At one stage, most of the motorcycle drivers did not have the license. Paper is not enough, many cars. Tired traffic police sergeants to give the case

This time the students took out new ideas. The motorcycle drivers were arrested without license, and they were asked 10 times to write a book, ‘I have no license’. A businessman got stuck with his newly purchased motorcycle. There is no motorcycle’s paper, license or helmet. The businessman is asked to write 10 times, ‘I have no license’. Then he was written with ‘not my helmet’.

The businessman said, “I was just going to buy a motorcycle. Now they have hinted me like this. This is the police.

Students say, “We want the elders to take care of themselves. So they are suing them with the police. Trying to shame them. So that they are on the right track. If this person was killed in an accident, then you would report yourself, he did not have the license. After reporting what is the profit?