Why Saudi is so tired about Canada?

Criticism of the international community about the human rights situation in Saudi Arabia is nothing new. Riyad’s criticisms on this issue have been many before. However, earlier Riyad’s reaction was not as strong as it was in Canada. Why is Saudi Arabia so crappy?

Ottawa called for a fair amount of riyadh to release prisoners in Saudi Arabia. This call is a rage-cloud fire in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia’s anger is so intense that they expelled the country’s envoy by accusing him of interfering in internal affairs against Canada.

Excluding the expulsion, the Saudi government gives Canada’s Ambassador to Bangladesh Dennis Hirak for 24 hours only. At the same time, the Saudi ambassador to Canada did not ‘mistake’ to withdraw.

Saudi Arabia’s ‘hot’ reaction is not stopped by expelling Canadian ambassador and withdrawing the ambassador. They suspended all new trade and investment with Canada. In the event of a similar incident, Saudi Arabia’s state-owned airline has suspended direct flights to Toronto.

Riyadh has proven that the Saudi Arabia has been badly affected by Canada, thousands of Saudi students studying in Saudi Arabia (Canada) will move to other countries.

The behavior of Canada (calling for the release of rights activists) is called diplomatic etiquette, Saudi Arabia And in response to the aggressive actions of Saudi Arabia, Canada said they would be speaking for human rights. They will be vocal about the protection of human rights in any part of the world

Canada’s Foreign Minister Christia Freilland has said that her country will always be able to play an active role in protecting human rights around the world with the right to freedom of expression, freedom of speech, while expressing concern over diplomatic expulsion.

The diplomatic tensions between Saudi Arabia and Canada on the question of human rights are not yet known. Because no one in the two countries is in the position of discounting. But the most striking aspect of this tension is the extreme aggression of Riyadh.

Observers say that the tension between Canada and Saudi Arabia has been proven, Riyadh follows aggressive foreign policy. Saudi Arabia’s young Prince Mohammad bin Salman is leading the country’s policy and its implementation.

Yuvraj has responded to several reformative steps for the development of Saudi Arabia’s image. Saudi Arabia embraces the world’s prestige over a month-long ban on women’s driving. But the activities of detainees, including women’s rights activists in the country, continue to be in force.

Prince Salman wants to build new Saudi Arabia As part of this plan, he has worked on developing the image of the country. In this context, he refuses to hear criticism from outside countries. Again, he wants to show the outside world that Saudi Arabia is not a weak country. Saudi Arabia has shown its mood with the continent over Qatar. Riyadh is giving his strength to Yemen after the military campaign. Against the regional rival Iran, his position is quite tough.

Observers say that Saudi Arabia does not have very strong bilateral trade relations with Canada. Because of this, Saudi Arabia did not have to think much about deciding to intersect with her.

The steps that Saudi Arabia has taken so far against Canada, can be compared to the strategy of killing two birds with one stone. Canada has been given a well-deserved reply, as well as other western governments, including the critics of Prince Salman’s illustration in front of the majjajarji eyes of new Saudi Arabia.