Who is nowadays irresponsible, young?

I know each of them sugar. Looking for twenty years. These are my favorite students. They are young adults They are the most innocent people of the country, who share their tiffin and eat, blame themselves on their shoulders to save their friend. They call Sadha white and black as black. Corruption, gangster, harm to others, evil thoughts are not on their heads.

They left the bus for the classmates and left the seat for classmates. They are still tears when they keep their hands on the head. They still smell the mother back home. Tea Wala, Nut Vendor and all the working people respect the people. Sitting on the side of the road, eating a fat bread with working people. Not to show. They really love to love humans, feel more than our generations love them more.

Today I went to the protest meeting. The two came in very turbulent outbursts-

: Madam, are you here?

What do you say? Tension is about you that father

Madam, do not worry. We will not do anything bad. We’re going to do something like that. You go home. Will you come with me?

Do not worry about me. If anything happens to you, we are afraid.

: Inshallah madam will not be anything. We are not harming anyone. I want to do well in the country. Who will do good to us if we do not?

Really Who will do them better? Their country has to be made of them.

Who is nowadays irresponsible, non-country-conscious, vandalized and Facebook edict? Those who do not know, how much more sensitive and unselfish the young people are.

You have shown the state how to manage the road. Come back to the class. Let the state perform its duties.

Best wishes for you, my dear children

Author: Assistant Professor (Department of Psychology), Bangladesh Navy College Dhaka.

(From the author’s Facebook)