Which Intelligence Agency Is More Effective: RAW or ISI ?

After publication, the book ‘Watch Chronicles: R, ISI and the Illusion of Peace’ In the book, the book, which is being published by Indian journalist Aditya Sinha, is shared with former Director of Research and Analysis Wing (RAW), former head of the RAW, AS Dulat and former head of the Pakistan Inter Services Intelligence (ISI), Lieutenant General of Asad Durrani. In order to publish the book, Aditya Sinha has given a couple of rounds of talks with the two former intelligence officials in Istanbul, Bangkok and other places. The book raises a huge storm in the political arena of two hostile neighboring states. Ahmed Bayezid translated a part of the book for the readers of the country-continent

Aditya Sinha: Many say that ISI is another state within the Pakistan state.
Assad Durrani: The intelligence agencies of many countries are called by this name. CIA, KGB This word mainly refers to a powerful group of people within the country, who control state activities behind the scenes. It implies that they are invisible but influential. In my language it is a psychological battle, a kind of hypocrisy. There are also institutions in the US that control huge funds, parochialism and Jewish lobbying.
The state structure within the US state also affects the president’s policies. We have seen it during President Barack Obama’s efforts to stop the war in Afghanistan and the Middle East. CIA foreign ministry, defense headquarters Pentagon and military industry helpless political leadership. Not that it is Pakistan, it’s the statement of many US citizens, including the former CIA chief. Due to the lack of coordination between the organizations, these companies think that they are appropriate. The CIA has also made the life of President Donald Trump very annoying. He has not been able to fulfill the promises he had promised to stop relations with Russia and stop military intervention in the country.

Sinha: ISI did not hide bin Laden?
Durrani: I talked about my assessment about this in a TV channel. We knew some information (about its hiding). At one stage, the ISI probably knew the matter and handed him over to the United States on mutual understanding. Or perhaps we told the United States to take it, or pretend not to see it. If we did not have any role, we would be avoided. It could be embarrassing for the Pakistani government to cooperate with the United States to arrest a person who saw many people of Pakistan as ‘hero’. (That’s why he pretends not to know)
AS Dulat: Our evaluation is the same. We think Pakistan has handed bin Laden to the United States.

Disorder: Your idea is uncomfortable for us.
Dulat: See, with the words of military-industrial (coordination between army and defense sector) in India we were not even known until a few years ago. However, it has become a powerful one. ISI is a very big organization, or it would not have been named every day in India. ISI is blamed for what happens in India. It seems to be very effective in calling it another state within the state. This is also an exciting thing for intelligence agencies.
Sinha: But the use of the ISI term has decreased after Narendra Modi came to power in India. Now the liars and intellectuals are blamed for everything.
Dulat: Once a TV channel in Karachi asked me – what is your assessment of ISI? I said I was proud to be the head of the organization!

Aditya Sinha: Which is the best of both ISI and RA
Dulat: It is not fair to compare ISI with Rai. Because, ISI is a very old company. Rai’s age is not yet fifty years. In 1968, a part of the Intelligence Bureau (IB) was formed separately. Perhaps it was done after the failed 1962 and 1965 war of intelligence. Indira Gandhi found the importance and lack of foreign intelligence.

Durrani: Once a US journalist asked me at a conference, how do you evaluate RA? This was not a common question, the purpose of the question was to inspire that I talked to Ana with RA. The journalist would probably ask me to go to the chief of the reply and see what ISI chief said about you. Then he wanted to know his reaction. So I said to him, ‘Like ISI’.
Before taking responsibility, the ISI was involved in Afghanistan operations. I saw everyone welcoming the subject. Everyone said that the ISI has become a strong organization, they can control everything. (Indian TV presenter) Robi Dubey was once one guest at the program, asked me, What is the main focus of ISI’s activities? At that time, our main focus was certainly Afghanistan. But I wanted to keep them in thoughts so I said, ‘Of course India’

Dulat: I agree with General Sahib and I am working against ISA or other Pakistani intelligence agencies in India or IB with sufficient professionalism. Our companies have done many things that ordinary people do not know or should not know about. India has made some names in the intelligence that is discussed all over the world, such as B. N. Mallik, RN Kaoho, AK Narayan and recently Ajit Daval.
Durrani: About ten years ago, a website named Smashing is one of the top ten in the world