When we will be the man from the Bengali!

Those who are abroad, they get news of the news, mainly through newspaper online and Facebook. I have been in this country for the last few days in a few news reports? I am grown up in this country? This is my root?

Examination leakage, teacher assault, movement on quota, murder on the road – what is going on in such a thing that something is happening?

I saw the anti-autocracy movement of 90th. Although I can not remember very clearly, it is remembered that my father went to the movement to join the movement in Mymensingh town. When I came home, I wondered how excited it was. What happened in the newspaper Dr. I think I also read about the death of Milon. Then we took the sound in concert.

Now I think we are better than that? We could never think of leaking the paper or the university admission test question paper, in our time. And now those question papers are available on Facebook. This is not the education minister! Why should he resign? He needs the post. If you leave the post then he will be! Vivek is not really about that, we do not even have one. If not, why can not we dismiss him? Where is that power?

Finance Minister said the shut down A lawmaker forced a teacher to be caught in front of everyone. We still do not say anything to them. Conscience of the nation but then silence. Education spine of the nation. Teacher is not Teachers do not have the spine. Teachers are no longer outside the society. In the society where the rest of the people are silent, the teachers in the society have to show so much of the batagiri!

Then the movement with the quota in the BC BCS. Hey, the country’s liberation minister himself said that the list of freedom fighters is not right, what is the quota? Even he also said that the freedom fighter who was four years old during the liberation war. The whole country did not have the liberation war, except for some collaborators and handmade Pakistanis, Al-Badar and Al Shams? My father who was in the United States for PhD during the Liberation War. He helped organize the concert for Bangladesh by paying his stupendous money. The donations were sent to the country. Lent back to the country. They are not the freedom fighter?

According to the order of the High Court, the quota should be followed by appointment time. I respect the High Court verdict as a loyal citizen of the country. But as a general citizen, my question is, who are the real freedom fighters? What is the constitutional definition of the freedom fighter? What is the correct list? The solution that is now smoky and unclear, who will solve it. Trade in this war of liberation (some people) how long?

Students of different schools and colleges at the science laboratory junction of Dhaka. The slogan on the face, pledged to demand the hand, placards Photo: Dipu Malakar
Students of different schools and colleges at the science laboratory junction of Dhaka. The slogan on the face, pledged to demand the hand, placards Photo: Dipu Malakar
As always, we are silent again. Our job is to see these as many TV serials. Let us be silent so that anyone is allowed to do anything. Women will be raped on the bus, most will not be caught. In the race race, the hands and feet of ordinary people will be cut, the driver will not have anything. The bus driver-assistant will throw the living people out of the bridge and throw them out on the bridge, no one has seen it. What will come to the children of the bus will be buried under the races?

The leader of the bus workers’ leader, Honorable Minister, is busy giving statistics with a smiling smile, so that something very normal is happening. Not only that, some would say, the answer to the minister’s heart was also very sensitive!

Like other times, people have been on the streets this time. Many people say youth Many say 18 Something is going to come? Students stopped by a senior minister’s car on the opposite path, forced to go the right way. However, he said that he spoke to the children of Kamalmati himself.

Today the kids are driving the driver’s license to the driver. The law is teaching everyone. Is it their job? Then where are the concerned officials? Where is the responsibility of the republic that we are cherishing them? License, Fitness, Traffic law, Bijapress, Secretariat People like us are everywhere. They are the only one in government time. Not only fish and meat-fruit-auto, where corruption is not? When will their conscience awake? When will our conscience be awake?

A country with a bribe showing warm money for money. They give money without damning the children. Everyone knows how much money can be paid to an employee of the Republic. And how does this extra money come to us also is not unknown to us. And we do not spit even if we do not do anything to them even after knowing all about them.

When will I stop the corruption of keeping these eyes closed? Our respected ministers are extremely shy. Respectful, self-respecting, immigrants They want to know what they themselves are and what we think or think. But daily newspapers and Facebook news, I think, in this country, I am back in the middle of a few days? Want something like this, for living? Desire to do something for the country, hope is all the troubles now. Actually the big thing will be the chance? When we will be people from Bangalee, when we will purify ourselves, when we will protest the injustice! Thus a society can run? So, can you live in a country? I have been living … I’m living … So?

Purba Islam: PhD Research Fellow, The University of Nottingham, United Kingdom.