WhatsApp addiction because the Marriage breaks

Leaders are waiting for the groom to come. But where is the groom ?. The groom has said that he will not get married. Because, the use of WhatsApp to beget the voice of WhatsApp. The matter has given birth to discussions in India. The house of the groom and the house of the party in Amroha district of Uttar Pradesh, India, is in the village of Naogaar Sadat.

Police say that the leader of the party has denied the allegation. They say that the reason for breaking the marriage at the last moment is the demand of dowry. The groom wanted dowry near the party

In this incident, the father of the father Urhz Mehendi sued the petition. Her accusation was that, for the marriage, the groom asked for Rs 65 lakh dowry.

Mehendi said that he had decided to marry the daughter of Kamar Haidaya. Relatives and friends came to welcome the bride in marriage. But when they did not come, then the bridegroom stopped calling her father.

Amroha Superintendent of Police Bipin Tada said, Barclays claimed that they have canceled the marriage. 5th September was the wedding date. The bride has the habit of using WhatsApp more. Even before the wedding, messages have been sent to WhatsApp for WhatsApp.