What is the benefit of Barça leaving Ronaldo?

When Cristiano Ronaldo is named in the side of the opposition, it is a bit of a concern for the coach. Ernesto Valvarde was released from anxiety on one hand. At least in the league do not have to think about Ronaldo! The question was made directly to the Barcelona coach. Why did Ronaldo leave Real Madrid because of Barca? Valverde gave diplomatic reply to the question.

Barcelona now in California The team is touring the United States to prepare for pre-season. Barça will face Tottenham in the International Champions Cup match tomorrow. Earlier Ronaldo-related questions were met at Valvada at the press conference. “I do not know, actually, I do not know if Ronaldo has the advantage of Barca or not,” the coach said. We have to admit that there is no way to deny Christolano’s role as player, Real Madrid and La Liga. But we also lost the likes of Andres (Iniesta). ”

Despite Ronaldo, Barcelona dominated the domestic league. Ronaldo played in Real – Barcelona won six seasons in the nine seasons. The last 10 seasons has won seven times in the league. Real Where Win Twice But Barcelona have been lagging behind in the Champions League match. From 2009 to 2015, the Barcelona Champions League has won three times. There was a unique celebrity of winning the Champions League three times in Real Madrid. They also won the trophy in 2014.

Ronaldo had a major role here too. Ronaldo won four league championships in Real Madrid. Flashed the spell of the round.

Barcelona’s fans have become intensely interested in winning the Champions League. Asked what is Barcelona’s goal in this season’s Champions League, Valverdie said, “We all want to win. But playing in clubs like Barcelona is not easy. Not only do you win here, it is also good to play. ‘

In this season, Barcelona are quite uncompromisingly in the market. The club’s strength is increasing significantly, the club “We still have the possibility of adding more players to the team,” Warne said. We’ve lost players like Paulinehora, that was very important in midfield. Of course, we have many more players, except that we can also take players from our B-Team, I wonder. There are still many more players to join the squad. Buying a player in the team does not just depend on me. Club officials have many roles here.

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