Virat Kohli Is Not Thinking About The Record

He scored 10 innings in the Virat Kohli Test in England, scoring 134. Average 13.4. Highest innings of 39 runs There is no fifty or a century. Twenty-two runs out This is the 2014 record

Say hello! Lathdugududu! Virat Kohli’s average is not about his own belief. Played 5 Tests in England Total run 134 The highest innings was also 39 runs. That’s not to say that there is no fifty, Century Delhi is far away. Average 13.4 in 10 innings Last time, in England tour, he ate nicani chutney. Kohli was seen to be out of the stadium, and Kohli looked like a new batsman.
This is Kohli who is on the path to breaking all records of Sachin Tendulkar. If that record is so bad in the English language of Kohli, it is necessary to digest four or four pounds. Although it is said that Kohli will replace all the numbers. It is also seen in Kohli that he is going to clear his poor record in England. Before matriculation, he wanted to play County counties to adapt to the English conditions. Although everything is not planned due to injury due to injury. However, before the start of the 5-Test series, Kohli has made another claim.
To prove himself the best batsman of the Test, we have to do well in England. This is one of the unwritten conditions of cricket. Kohli’s failure in the 2014 tour, taking himself to another level as a Test batsman in the last few years, now many are ready to come to England by enriching the field of experience, and these are naturally interacting with the media. However, Kohli told the press conference clearly, “I do not read what is written in the media. Earlier the age was low. Experience was low. What did he say to the outside of the trouble. Because I used to read so much about what was written.
Now why do not read, he also explains, ‘If I spend all my energy behind these, then I will do wrong to my thinking. Because I have to play the game to play. People who write a lot of things outside the field, guess many things, they will not play anymore.
As a result, not only is his critics; The talented people who say, will spit Kohli; Kohli has no headache for them. At least he said, ‘I do not have any idea that I have to prove myself in a country. I just want to perform for the team. Of course I want to run, but it’s for the team. Indian cricket has to reach another stage. ‘