Upcoming iPhones In October 2019

New Year means new iPhone Market analysts are speculating that the new three-model iPhone could bring in the market in 2019, the US tech company Apple. In October this year the new iPhone could come in the market. One of the models may use LCD display. This model will be sold at relatively low prices. The information was released on Friday in a Wall Street Journal report.

Wall Street says Apple will add some innovative features to the new iPhone this year. Of these, there has been a long buzz about the possibility of adding three cameras behind the iPhone. The name of the new iPhone started with the buzz It could be called the iPhone 11.

However Apple did not comment on the buzz surrounding the new iPhone.

Earlier Apple had added an LCD display to the iPhone X model brought in the market last year. Market analysts claim that iPhone XR has been the biggest selling market as a cost effective model. But due to its demand slowdown, the company has reduced the production by up to 10 percent. However, in the new year, many people are surprised at the news of an LCD display.

An NDTV report says that Apple’s profits have decreased due to low sales of iPhone. China’s Huawei has topped Apple in the top of the smartphone market. So investors cautioned Apple.

The Wall Street Journal reported that for several months Apple has been busy working on an LCD display iPhone. However, the company will stop making LCD displays from 2020. From next year, all the iPhone will be displaying the OLED display.