United States of America waiting for work with Imran Khan’s new Pakistan

After the formation of Pakistan’s new government under the leadership of Imran Khan, the United States will try to improve the security, stability and prosperity of South Asia as well as seek opportunities to work with them. This has been said by US on Friday.

The US State Department spokesman said the United States has been waiting for the final announcement of the observer mission as well as the announcement of the final results by the Election Commission of Pakistan.

In spite of extensive allegations of election rigging, the Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan held a press conference in Islamabad. He claimed his party was a winner. Imran Khan’s PTI proceeded in a big margin against the other political parties in the possession of the National Assembly seat. Now waiting to be his prime minister.

According to a report in FirstPost, according to the latest results of the Pakistan Election Commission, PTI got 105 seats.

The US State Department spokesman told PTI that the United States will seek employment opportunities with the leadership of the new government. The United States is concerned about the country’s freedom of expression, the organization and the media that has been obstructing the independence of the media.

Foreign Minister House Committee member Eliot Angle expressed concerns about the role of the army in the elections of Pakistan. He said another opportunity was lost to the people of Pakistan. Still, I congratulate the people of Pakistan for voting with courage. In 2013, Eliot mentioned the success of democratic elections for the first time in the country.

The member of the US House of Foreign Affairs Committee said that the allegations of the role of the Pakistan army before the elections were being looked seriously. But the government that will come to power, will work with them. But democracy will be seen as a disappointment to waste Pakistan’s chance.

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