Two aircraft crashed in Switzerland in a few hours, killing 24

Two aircraft have been crashed in the Swiss part of the Swiss Alps in a few hours. Twenty-two people were killed in the incident on Saturday, authorities said.

On Saturday afternoon, an old aircraft of World War II, in the mountainous eastern region of Switzerland, jui-52 was damaged and 20 were killed. Swiss police authorities confirmed this information. Earlier on Saturday morning a small plane crashed into the mountainous area of ​​Central Switzerland and killed four members of the same family.

Local airline Zayyu Airways said on their website that one of their JU-52 aircraft was crashed. There were three crew and 17 passengers on the plane. But what has caused the plane crash is still unknown. This information is reported in a BBC online report. Eprothomalo

All of the passengers were returning to Zurich after a two-day tour of nearby Locharna near the southern border area. Although witness to this incident, it is being investigated how the incident took place. There was no black box in the aircraft. There was also a lack of radar monitoring.

Daniel Nach, a member of the Swiss Transport Safety Investigation Board, said the plane’s speed was much higher, depending on the situation of the accident. Almost vertically fell on the ground. Of the 20 killed, 11 men and 9 women were women. Each of them ages 42 to 84 years. Of the dead, 17 are from Switzerland and three are from Austria.

According to Reuters data, the JWA Air Company has three Vintage aircraft. These are made in Germany. The JU-52 aircraft were built between 1931 and 1952.

Four people of the same family, including two children, were killed when the plane crashed in the mountainous area of ​​Central Switzerland on Saturday morning. The Swiss police confirmed the authenticity of the news. They were going to France by plane.