Trump’s ‘start of the end’?

Another shock before Bob Woodward’s book ‘Fear’ was over. An official of the Trump administration told a sub-editorial on Wednesday in the New York Times that on Wednesday, the use of trump as a president is not unusual, but contrary to US interests. Various officials are active within the administration to avoid the harmful effects of these works. This writer is one of those resistance

In an unprecedented article written in the article titled ‘A Contribution Against Trump Administration’, an anonymous official wrote that, in the amendment to the 25th amendment of the US Constitution, the administration has the authority to overthrow the administration because of its inability to discharge the responsibility, administration officials first thought of his application. Instead of trying to do so, they have planned to stop the trump from within the administration, because of this, it could lead to a constitutional crisis.

According to the article, their main responsibility as government employees is to protect the interests of the country. Because the use of the president is contrary to national interest, many of the trump-related officials are going to do everything possible to protect ‘democratic institutions.’

One day ago Bob Woodworth told in his new book, ‘Fear, In The Trump Administration’, the top officials of the Trump administration have often taken measures to prevent the president from using his whimsical use. For this reason, they disobeyed the order of the trump, even without hesitation to remove official documents from his desk. This is not an isolated incident, but in the administration, the resistance against the president has been established, it proved to be true in the Times of the Subcontinent.

Needless to say, trump has been very rude to publish this article. Instead of claiming this sub-fabricated lie, he told the author ‘coward’ and accused him of ‘treason’. Trump spokesman Hakabi Sanders rejected the article and said it is another example of the so-called liberal media that is working to prevent the advancement of trump administration. Trump or Sanders did not say that the article was ‘faked’ or false. However, it has claimed that the officer should immediately resign.

The New York Times said that Woodward’s book was published before publishing it. Being anonymous, they were hesitant about its publication, but realized the importance of the content and decided to publish the article. Trump has claimed that the Times should reveal the identity of the author, but the Times said they are determined to keep the author’s identity confidential.

Who is the author of this article, it has started a detective investigation in Washington. Some mention Defense Minister Mattis as the sub-editor. There has been a question about Matisse’s future since Woodward’s controversy has sparked controversy with him in his book. According to this book, Matisse is known as Trumpe’s Class Five or Six-Element Scholar. Some people have also raised the finger of the author of the article, John Kelly, Chief of Staff. According to Woodward’s book, Kelly Trump is said to be ‘Idiot’. Both Kelly and Matty have said that they did not make any such comment.

Other than these two, the names of those suspects are on suspicion, they are Trump’s Senior Advisor Kellynn Conway, Vice President Mike Pens and United States Permanent Representative Nike Healy in the United Nations.

Whoever is the author of this article, most observers agree, his identity will soon be published. But there is a speculation about the fact that one or more officials are involved. There is no new information about the tragedy of the White House that is in great disorder. So long as all the attention was on the unstable use of the trump and White House’s “subversive” officials are trying to control him, he also knows about it. But after publication of this article, it is known that many within the administration have been involved in a “rebellion” against the President. The popular TV show Reichel Mados said that, since this incident, the end of the trump started.