Trump Warns NATO Allies Against Defense Budget

US President Donald Trump has sent letters to NATO members including Germany, Belgium, Norway, Canada, to raise their defense budget. Otherwise, the United States will have patience, he warned.

The West Military Alliance wrote the letter to NATO countries last June in Trump Trump allegations, NATO members are not participating in the defense budget of the alliance at the same rate. Trump has written this letter before the NATO Summit in Brussels next week to be held in Brussels. He claims NATO members are taking advantage of the United States by not increasing their defense budget.

In a New York Times report, it has been said in the letter that for more than a year there have been allegations in the public and private sectors that the burden of the collective defense expenditure did not carry a substantial amount. So the United States will be forced to change the compatibility of their military presence-indications that Trump

In the letter, German Chancellor Angela Trump wrote to Merkel separately, “I discussed with you on a visit to the United States in April that the United States hopes the United States is not fulfilling the promises. The United States will spend more resources to protect Europe when economic growth of all countries, including Germany, will be borne by equal security challenges. NATO blames Germany for the failure of NATO nations to take up the tram in the letter.

In the 2014 Wales Conference, NATO countries agreed to give equal amount of 2 percent of their GDP as funding to the Allied Fund. But this promise has not been implemented – such allegations are trump. The 28-member Alliance has 23 countries. So the rest of the members are pushing the US President to increase funding. Otherwise, the United States will stop the allocation of NATO – he has threatened.

Established in 1949, the current military budget of the alliance was 92 billion dollars. This means that the cost of military operations, strategies, training and research is spent. There are 25 billion dollars of civilian budget. This money is spent under the headquarters of the Alliance’s headquarters in Brussels, Belgium. Large amounts of this budget alone carry the United States, which is a big pressure for the US economy. The US administration has been urging NATO members to increase the allocation for the coalition budget to reduce the pressure.