Trump wants to kill Assad in Syria: Bob Woodward

US President Donald Trump wanted to kill President Bashar al-Assad after attacking the country once after the chemical attack. This claim was made in a new book by noted US journalist Bob Woodward. It has revealed many more explosive information inside the administration of President Donald Trump. There is a wobble with the book now. Trump, however, has called Woodward’s claim to be completely ‘made and unfortunate’. Said, ‘This is also a bad book.’

The book, ‘Fear: Trump In The White House’, was supposed to be released on September 11, but published some parts of the Washington Post magazine on Tuesday.

Bob Woodward is the journalist who has called the fall of President Richard Nixon in the 1970s by leaking the watergate scandal. In the book, he has received information from people who spoke to President Trump continually and were present in the meetings at the stated meetings.

‘Let’s go to Syria to kill Assad’

The use of chemical weapons in Syria in the year 2017 is believed to have been done by Syrian government forces. Trump then asked defense minister James Mattis to do something. ‘Let’s go to Syria, kill Assad (slap), kill all of them.’ Mattis admitted the first, but later said he would not do anything like that.

‘Do not attend, go to jail’

Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel, who is investigating the alleged allegations of contact with Russia during the election campaign of Trump, presented a ‘trial trial’ to see whether the President would be able to answer their interrogation properly, his lawyer John Dowd. The tragedy was seen in that exercise, and the eyes of the eyes were troubling to answer the question. John Dowd said, ‘You do not go to testify. If you do this, you have to go to jail. ‘

Advisers stole papers from the president’s desk

Woodward says Trump wanted to sign a document, through which the United States will be withdrawn from the North American Free Trade Agreement and trade agreement with South Korea. His main economic adviser Gary Kohen and White House staff secretary Rob Porter took away the documents from Trump’s desk, so that he could not sign it.

Tempered president

Woodward wrote, Tempered Trump always blames his officials at the White House. According to his financial adviser Kohn, the trump is a ‘professional liar’. The attorney general told Geoff Sessions about the trump, “This man is a mentally retarded, one foolish person from the south. He does not have the ability to become a Mofussil lawyer.

What others would say about the trump

His chief of staff Kelly once said to Trump about the trump, ‘He is a fool and idiot trying to convince him anything.’ Source: BBC