Trump received letter from Kim

US President Donald Trump received a letter from North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. The White House reported this information on Thursday.

The White House spokesman Sarah Sanders confirmed yesterday that the letter sent by Kim was received by the news agency Reuters reports.

The White House spokesman said the letter received the letter August 1 Trump. Responding to the letter, the trump gave a note. This note will be sent soon.

The White House spokesman refused to give details of what Kim wrote in the letter, and Trumpi-or what the note was given.

Sara Sander said that the letter is in the letter of the joint statement issued after the Singapore meeting between the two leaders. Together they will continue to work fully on nuclear disarmament.

Trump posted a note on Twitter yesterday. Trump has thanked Kim for the tweet to return the remains of US soldiers killed in the Korean War.

The US president said he was optimistic about meeting Kim again.

White House spokesman Sarah Sanders said there was no plan to organize a second round of talks between Trump and Kim. Open the door to discuss this.

In June, Trump and Kim met in a historic meeting in Singapore. Later, two leaders gave a joint statement. Kim pledged to establish the Korean Peninsula without the need for nuclear weapons.