Trump calls for Elimination of Tariffs, end to US being world’s Piggy Bank

The United States has agreed to work to reduce trade barriers with the European Union (EU). Donald Trump said on Wednesday after a meeting with the EU Commission President JC Claude Yunker on Wednesday. This information was given in a BBC Online report.

Trump said, “The United States and the EU will work for vacant duty, zero non-tariff barriers, non-auto products for zero subsidies.” They agreed to increase the trade of soybean exports and agricultural trade.

Recently, bilateral tensions arose in the United States and the EU. In March last year, US President Donald Trump announced 25 percent and 10 percent tax on steel and aluminum import. At that time, Trump claimed that he had made such a decision that he had made such a decision in the interest of national security. After the decision to impose customs duty is effective from 1 June. The European Union, Canada, Mexico and other close allies of the United States have a negative impact on the trade. As a result of this, the European Union imposed counter-tariff on US products as a revenge arrangement. On June 22, the decision to impose duty on import of US products worth 280 million euros was made. Apart from this, the more tragic behavior of Russian President Vladimir Putin is to create more bitterness about this. However, the new agreement will lead to the development of the two teams, analysts think the analysts think.

Trump announces “this new phase of relations” at the White House Rose Garden at local time. He called this day a ‘big day’ for free and fair trade. Trump said, “We are starting this discussion from now on. But we know how far it will go. “Thanking Trump for the constructive meeting at this time, Yanker said.

It was decided in the meeting that the EU will increase import of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), Soybean and other agricultural products. As long as this discussion goes on, the new United States and the EU agree that no new tariff will be imposed. In addition, they agreed to work on reforming the World Trade Organization (WTO).

The EU delegation reached Washington to negotiate a long-term trade deal with the US yesterday. After this meeting with Trump, the EU Commission chief Yunkaar.

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