Trump Asked To Return The Immigrants Immediately

US President Donald Trump has again called offensive against immigrants. Said that those who entered the United States illegally, must be sent immediately before appearing before the judge or before going through the legal process.

Last week, in the face of acute criticism, the immigrant withdrew from the legal decision to disengage the children from their families, but again on Sunday, again he said a new one.

On the way to the Virginia Golf Course, he tweeted, “We can not let all of us crowd in our country. When someone comes, there is no judge or court, they will be sent back to where they came from.

Tweet to US President Donald Trump
Tweet to US President Donald Trump
In May, US attorney general Jeff Sessions announced the adoption of ‘zero tolerance’ policy against asylum seekers as well as asylum seekers in the United States. He also said that he would prosecute those immigration reformers. Because of this policy of trump, about 2,300 children from parents who come with their parents are separated from their families. If news spread in the media, there was a widespread criticism around the world. Democrats, even Republicans, have protested against this policy. This is the principle of trump unacceptable and heartbreaking. First Lady Melaniea Trump and former First Lady Laura Bush

After the heavy pressure, the new administration was forced to make a new decision. The United States President Donald Trump has signed an executive order last week by pledging to keep the members of the detained family responsible for illegal immigration.

Trump said in another tweet yesterday, “Good moral policy and the policy we made to law and justice is a ridicule. Our immigration policy has become the world’s laughing stock. At the same time, those who have come to the country legally or have long been waiting to come, this is a mockery with them. There must be a foundation of migration. ‘

Tweet to US President Donald Trump
Tweet to US President Donald Trump
However, the issue of trump to avoid the legal process will be subject to constitutional questions. At the same time, there may be disagreements between the Republicans in Congress over this. Because, many Republicans are urging to increase the number of judges for hearing of migrant families. More than 700,000 cases were filed in federal immigration court last May. And their hearing may take months to years.

Republican Senator Ted Cruz of Texas proposed to double the number of judges to 750 On the other hand, Wipescion’s Republican Senator Ron Johnson and chairman of Senate Homeland Security Committee Ron Johnson said at a CNN event, he thinks there are more than 225 judges. He said that now only 74 immigration judges are working on the border.

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