Top 10 Features of Android Q

android q

Google has officially finalized the Android Q operating system name. In terms of naming the Android operating system, the confectionery has gone straight to the numbers. So the new version of Android is called ‘Android Ten’. Already the new operating system has been released in a number of developers and public beta versions. There are several features that can make major changes to the Android smartphone. Here are some features:

Dark Mode: The Dark Mode feature has been added since the public beta version was released. This feature was later confirmed at Google Developers Conference IO. The Dark theme can be turned on from the Battery tab of the Settings app. Google has added this mode to several of their apps over the past few months.

Privacy: Google is emphasizing the importance of privacy protection in the Android Ten version. Access the location in the app so that the user has control. He is adding to the matter. In addition, the location service will be turned on or off, as well as ensure that the location service will not be launched without permission in any app.

Fast Share: Fast Share may be introduced in the new version of Android. This allows you to quickly share files from your smartphone. Earlier, Google introduced such a service called Android Beam. However, it was later closed.

Battery Indicator: To see how much charge there is on the phone, the battery indicator can be switched to Android. It will show the battery charge in percentage as well as calculate the time. This message will only be displayed if the battery charge is below the specified limit.

Different Color Themes: Along with changing user interface (UI), the opportunity to use different color themes may come in the new Android. The developer version of the beta version has this advantage, but the final version may have limited the number of themes.

Wi-Fi without a password type: Adding smartphones to Wi-Fi networks will be easier with the updated version of Android. The user does not have to type the password every time. Wi-Fi can be accessed using QR code. This does not require the Wi-Fi service provider to repeatedly require a password.

Improved camera access: There will be a chance to take better pictures using third-party apps. With Android drag, developers will find information such as photo depth, distance from content. But the picture quality will be good.

More audio-video format support: Will support more video codecs on Android drag. This allows users to listen to different types of videos and audio on their mobile phones.

New App Alert: Users can now easily close an app. Long pressing on the app notification will facilitate the blocking. There will also be the benefit of Silent Notification.

Connecting and Folding Phone Support to Desktops and Laptops: Android will have a special desktop mode, allowing the handset to be easily connected to the desktop. This will increase the mobility of the work. There will be twenty user interfaces for Android folding screens. Google released the information last year. This new OS version will allow you to customize various display elements and designs in the user interface.

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