To save the Economy Cheese can be banned in Pakistan

Since coming to power, Pakistan’s new Prime Minister Imran Khan has repeatedly claimed that Pakistan is suffering from the debt burden. And he is looking for ways to get rid of the debt. Here’s a new information. Cheese can be banned in Pakistan.

According to Reuters reports, the Economic Advisory Council of Pakistan decided in a discussion that the import of various luxurious items will be stopped in Pakistan. Among these things are smartphones and cheese. There was a lot of reaction in Pakistanis about the bombshell ban.

Pakistan’s economy will turn out to be banned, not thinking that many people A Pakistani official, Omar Qureshi, has shown that the trade deficit of Pakistan’s financial year 2017-18 is $ 37.7 billion. And Pakistan’s total cheese import is $ 13 million, which is just 0.0344 percent more than the deficit. So how much money will Pakistan face by banning the cheese, in fact the question is that he

Meanwhile, a Pakistani economist Ashfaq Hassan Khan said, “Pakistan is getting lots of foreign cheese. The market is full of foreign peers. Does the country that does not have the dollar, do foreign countries eat aliases? ‘

In this context, a Pakistani tweeted, “The new Pakistan is actually cruel. So cheese is banning. ‘

Earlier, he was laughing at the price of 55 rupees on the helicopter, said Imran Khan. After coming to power, ministers of the ministers took out the government’s expenditure. Clearly, the government money can not be used for its own personal needs as a leader, from the official to the Prime Minister even the President. Biman can not travel in the first line of government money. This decision was taken at a meeting of the cabinet.

Then came the title of Imran’s helicopter journey. He or another man flew from a house in Pakistan helicopter With his third wife. Naturally, the news raised the question about Imran’s anti-corruption. Who wants to reduce government spending, how to show luxury to three helicopters. But then the government of Pakistan explained the question.

Pakistan’s Information Minister Fawad Chaudhury said, “The journey of the chopper is actually cheap. It costs only 55 paise per kilometer. Google’s calculations show that he But the local media is estimated to cost around Tk7000.