Three Dimensional Gun Design is Spreading

The gun prints made in 3D printers have spread online even in the face of objection to lawmakers. The US judicial order was scheduled to be released on Wednesday whether the designs could be published, on Wednesday. However, on Friday, the website named ‘Defense Distributed’ published the design of at least nine types of guns. Then on Monday, it was applied in different states to stop it.

The debate started in 2013. At that time, a US citizen named Cody Wilson made a gun in the first 3D printer. In his design how can guns be made, its instructions were published on the Defense Distributed Website. It is known that the file was transferred several hundred times. The US Interior Ministry issued the order to remove the design from the website. Meanwhile, the Defense Distributed Alliance has tied up with Second Amendment Foundation. The organization works with the right to keep guns in a personal collection. Legal battles last four years.

Surpriseing all parties last month, the US Justice Department said that US citizens can see and discuss and use the technical aspects of this gun. The lawmakers are angry at this. Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson announced that he will file a lawsuit against the home ministry for eight US states to stop the illegal production of a 3D printer. In a statement, Ferguson said that these offensive gadgets are unregistered and it is difficult to identify metal detectors. Without it, regardless of age, psychological condition or crime history, anyone can use it. Source: BBC