Think Imran and Nawaz’s fate!

Imran Khan’s party Pakistan Tehrik-i-Insaf (PTI), which won a clear margin in Pakistan’s parliamentary election results. Even if he does not get a single majority, he is the prime minister, almost sure. Imran said in the first press conference on Thursday that he did not want to sit in the chairmanship of power. President-Style ‘spoke. But Imran did not think of the consequences of Nawaz Sharif.

In this election, Imran was accused of bias of the army. Imran, who is behind the army, was coming to power, much before the announcement of the election schedule was announced. Some people called Imran as the ‘shepherd boy’ of the army. Most of the big parties, including Imran in the election, have alleged rigging. Former Pakistani senator and regional affairs analyst Afrasiya Khatak has said that all groups of Imran left out of this election are facing allegations against the army. The country’s Election Commission (EC) and Imran have blamed the allegations.

The army’s intervention in Pakistan’s politics is not new. In 71-year-old country, most of the military dictatorship was without military or uniform. Although the rest of the time was not directly in power, the political parties were determined to go to power in the calculation of military top officials. When necessary, he supported the political party or organization and placed its leader in a special dignity by applying the ‘pure’ leader. If you think it’s gone, then you threw it out.

For example, there is no need to go to the history of Pakistan in the long run. Imran’s opponents look at the political life of Nawaz Sharif, founder of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) in the field of election. Born in a business family in Lahore, Nawaz passed the law in politics in the Punjab in the last decade after completing his studies in the University of Punjab. In 1976, he officially joined the Pakistan Muslim League. After five years, in 1981, General Ziaul Haq appointed him as finance minister of Punjab province. Then in 1985 Nawaz was elected Chief Minister of Punjab. It is said that General Ziaul Haq originally dragged politician Nawaz to his own need. General Zia was looking for political arms to stop the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) leader Benazir Bhutto during that time. Then Zia’s weapon became Nawaz The continuation of which is to the army’s immediate neighbors. Nawaz was elected the country’s prime minister for the first time in 1990 with the blessings of the army and his charismatic leadership. But later it was alleged that the country’s intelligence agency Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) had acted directly to win Nawaz in that election. Not only that, the intelligence agency has spent millions of rupees on Nawaz’s campaign. Nawaz lost power in corruption after three years of being elected as prime minister for corruption. The army is considered to take away the call-card to remove him from power. In 1997, Nawaz was again elected prime minister. General Pervez Musharraf removed him in a bloodless coup in 1999. And last year, in 2013, the Prime Minister was elected and forced to step down in court in the year 2017. It is believed that the army has taken away the call-book in front of the court. Now three-three times elected prime minister, Nawaz, is in jail for 10 years in jail.

Now the question is, why the army is throwing Nawaz after so much help at the beginning? Answer: Nawaz wanted to build his image as the ‘real politician’ from the army’s influence. He tried to turn his established party into a people’s party. The army did not like the issue. Because the army can never fulfill its intention by such a political party. The result of this is the result of today’s Nawaz.

With the emergence of Imran Khan in politics and the process of coming to power, the political rise of Nawaz is very similar in the 1980s. Now the army was looking for new weapons to teach Nawaz. As the weapon, they dragged Imran Khan closer to him. Keeping in view both matters of Imran’s acceptance of the people and his desperation to become Prime Minister, the army dragged him. Besides, the army did not have any alternative to Nawaz.

Before The Election, Writes The Friday Times. Pakistani senior journalist and columnist Najam Sethi wrote. He writes, Pakistan is passing a strange time. Some political parties and politicians are mixed with soil. On the other hand, strategies are being used to highlight some groups and politicians. In the past, these have been under the cover of military law and Supreme Court judges. Najam Sethi did not mention anyone’s name in his writings. But it is not difficult to understand that here Imran and Nawaz made the point.

However, Imran is now waiting to sit down. But being hanged is the prime minister of the party. The army wanted this! Because the hanging parliament will be able to “dancing as much as possible” to the prime minister. If needed, it can be thrown away! As has been done with Nawaz Sharif. Imran, think of Nawaz’s fate!


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