They want to destroy my brother: Ronaldo’s sister’s claim

Seeing the red card, Katiya Aveiro could not bear the tears of the brother. Cristiano Ronaldo’s sister, who was caught in protest, Standing beside my brother, Katiya fired a fire in the social media, ‘God does not sleep; One should pay a heavy price for this water. ‘

Singer Katiya in the profession was beaten before Ronaldo Katiya protested on receiving the UEFA Awards for Luca Madricha. In the Champions League last season, Ronaldo and Madrice showed the statistical distinction of performances in social media, and Katiya explained that the prize was his brother’s due. And in the Tomorrow Champions League, Ronaldo’s red card and tears could not be accepted in any way without the eyes.

There is no doubt that Ronaldo’s red card is controversial. There is a lot of discussion going on from the analyst community to social media. Ronaldo did not play in the 29th minute after being dismissed after Valencia defender Jeison Murillo But Murrallo’s roles in the role of a referee from the referee to the field referee became stupid. After the Colombian center back in Valencia, Ronaldo put his hand in his head with a tone to stand up. But it is not clear whether hair was pulled or not. But discussing with the assistant referee, show him a red card directly. Field referee Felix Brayck

The post of Katia in Instagram, protesting brother’s red card. Photo: Instagram
The post of Katia in Instagram, protesting brother’s red card. Photo: Instagram
Ronaldo could not prevent tears of eyes by the referee’s decision. He left the field with his face covered. Katiya could not tolerate Ronaldo’s view of leaving the field in such a way. His protest in Social Media Instagram, ‘Football Shame (Ronaldo’s Red Card). Fairness They want to destroy my brother. But God does not sleep. One day the cost of this water will be high. They want to finish you. But will not succeed. ‘

While Ronaldo was leaving the field, Valencia coach Marcelino was standing in front of him. At the time, he heard of the desire of the Juventus star Kanah Ravza Kantha. Marcelino said in the context of the match, “He was very frustrated. He was crying and crying, he did not do anything wrong.