The World’s Most Powerful Supercomputer Summit

US researchers opened the world’s most powerful and advanced scientific supercomputer. This super computer can complete two million trillion calculations per second. This computer can be used in the study of topics such as energy production, advanced materials research and artificial intelligence.

US Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) is the name of the supercomputable computer called ‘Summit’. It is now eight times more powerful than the most powerful super computer titan in America. In the case of certain scientific research, it can complete more than three billion accounts.

US computer maker IBM and chip maker Nvidia worked together to create supercomputers. It is basically IBM AC 922 system, which has 4608 computer servers. Each server has two 22-core IBM Power 9 processors and six Envida Tesla VS 100 graphics processing unit accelerators.

Before coming to the summit, the world’s fastest supercomputer was the fifth place in the list of countries, the United States The country is returning to top of supercomputer summit.
According to a report in The World, IBM and the United States Department of Energy released the latest supercomputer of the US last week.

China’s Sunway Taihu Lite is the most powerful computer in the world. Its ability to calculate 200 petaflops or 200,000 trillion per second. The United States claims that the Summit Super Computer will be able to work at twice the speed of the soah lights.

The super computer made at a cost of $ 200 million is capable of running at less electricity costs. So, where 15 MW of electricity is required, the Summit will take 13 MW of electricity.

Top 500 companies in the list of the best 500 supercomputers in the year of the speed of the release. Top 500 reports from the survey by Leinchak Benchmarch, with the help of German and American experts. Summit will be the top computer after the new ranking is published later this month.