The US has framed charges against North Korea’s Hacker

The United States has framed charges against North Korean hacker for suspected involvement in several hacking activities including Bangladesh Bank. Park Jean Hyak is a member of the hacker’s laser group. The park used to do great hacking for North Korea.
The United States has formally launched a formal complaint against a North Korean hacker suspected of involvement in some of the world’s hacking activities. It is alleged that the programmer has hacked on behalf of Pyongyang. The hacker’s name is Park Jean Hieck. In addition to formation of allegations on Thursday, a ban against the park has been issued.

The US Justice and Treasury Department says Park Jinn Hick is a hacker group member. They are known as ‘Lazarus Group’. Park Genie is the main host of many hacking incidents. A hacker group was also behind the cyber attack in Sony Corporation in 2014. From there they steal many information. Makes a lot of information waste. The park used to do great hacking for the North Korean government and the country’s Workers Party. The same cycle was also behind the cyber attack in Bangladesh’s central bank in 2016.

The United States is complaining that Park Jean Hyeck was working with a major hacker clique. The United States thinks that the hacker was involved in cyber-attacks worldwide in the name of ‘Oneacre 2.0’ virus in 2017.

The US authorities say they were targeting Lockheed Martin Corporation, a defense contractor in the country. But could not succeed. Under the Chinese company ‘Chusan expo’ the ‘lazarus’ hacker group was working. The ban against them has also been issued. The US Justice Department accused the Chussan Expo company working with the North Korean Military Intelligence Lab’s 110.

The 176-page complaint sheet said that these ‘lasers group’ and its members used to steal malware attacks, hacking money, and stealing documents in many countries of Southeast Asia and Africa. These attacks were from North Korea, China and all other countries.

The United States Central Investigation Agency submitted the investigation report of the hacking incidents to the court. Paul Delacort, the investigating officer of the Central Investigation Agency and the hacking incident, said in the charge sheet that how the North Korean government hacked into their interests.

In February 2016, cyber-vulnerability was used to steal 8 million US dollars from the Reserve Bank of the Reserve Bank of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Cybercrimes take money from various banks by sending fake requests to the International Banking Transactional Information Exchange Swift (Society for World Wide Inter Bank Financial Telecommunication). 20 million dollars worth of recovering from the money stolen from Sri Lanka And there was no sign of the huge amount of 8 million million dollars left in the Philippines. Later, the Philippines returned five million dollars of cash stolen from the Reserve Bank of Bangladesh. There is still no progress in recovering or refunding the remaining 6.88 million dollars. The main event of the money laundering was completed from February 5 to 10, but its preparation began very long ago. References: AFP