The students gave flowers, chocolate police

Due to the demand for safe road, the sympathy scenes among the protesting students in Rajshahi surprised everyone. The students returned home after the program was given security by giving security to the peaceful program and endorsing the program. Before leaving, the students made the police selfe with flowers. The police also gave chocolate to the students.

This happened on Saturday in city’s Zero Point.
From 10am, the students of different school-college colleges started gathering in front of the big mosque in Sahebbazar area. At the time, they offered various slogans to demand safe roads. Later they sing the national anthem together. At this time, police members surrounded them and kept them safe.
After 11:30 pm, Officer-in-Charge (OC) of Boalia Police Station Aman Ullah spoke to the students. He said, ‘We also have children. Love them So we agree with your claim. You asked for security, we gave it. Everyone has seen your program, you know. Now you go back home. Sit down on the reading table. ‘
The students then ask for OC 15 more minutes. The OC agreed. Then at 12 noon, the students returned to the program after the program ended. Prior to cooperating in peaceful programs, they gave flowers to policing police personnel, including OC Aman Ullah. Some officials of the police are also seen in the cellphone taking with the students and their banners.
OC Aman Ullah said, “We cooperated with children in peaceful programs. So no unpleasant incident happened. They made our flowers happy. Today they returned home. But tomorrow they will come again. If they keep peaceful programs, they will always be assisted.
Meanwhile, on the afternoon of the afternoon, Rajshahi Road Transport Group General Secretary Munzur Rahman Peter announced that the buses will be closed on the day when the students get to the streets. Accordingly, no bus left Rajshahi or Rajshahi on this day.