The Storm Of The Fourth Industrial Revolution And Our Preparations

The book ‘The Fourth Industrial Revolution’, written by Qas Shuab, founder of the World Economics Forum. It is named as the fourth industrial revolution in Bengal. This book is thinking of us a lot! The society is also changing due to the development of technology. The earth was once a primitive communist society. The invention of the plank is that agriculture was introduced, from there came the feudalism of the world, James Wright’s steam engine. According to the author, these are the first industrial revolution. Then electricity, radio and television are the second industrial revolution. Then the digital era and the internet. This is the third industrial revolution. Again, the present-day Facebook, Twitter, and many others called the fourth industrial revolution, but economists called it the reform of the third industrial revolution.

He gave a list of what new reality will appear in the world by 2025. Some of them are: Mobile phone will be installed in 2025 by the body. A lot like the current pressmaker. It will be good for our health, but personal confidentiality will be harmful, nearly 80 percent of people will have more than one digital address, so that people’s freedom of expression will increase. The crime will increase, the Internet will be connected with glasses, Internet connectivity with clothing, ‘Internet of Things.’ Internet of Things’ everything will be connected to the Internet. Even cattle will contact each other through mobile phones.

50 thousand people do not have any traffic signal in the city. All will be connected to the internet such as unmanned cars, artificial intelligence, Bitcoin Blockchain Alternative money People will be treated with three-dimensional printers. The liver taken from the 3D printer will be placed on the human body. The first human child will be born, whose genome has been artificially improved. That means that in the next seven years, there will be thousands of things happening in the world. Many of which have come up now. And what will happen to us if they change? We do not understand the situation now.

Now the cattle do not drive in our country, but people still carry rickshaws. Without driving a driver in that country, it’s unimaginable. If there is no labor in the garment industry on earth then why Bangladesh will do that job? And the main source of our foreign currency earnings is the income of expatriate workers. Today, we are going abroad for spending millions of dollars in garage or work in the factory, then the work will also be instruments. Automation will be everywhere. Construction will also be in the sector. People will lose their work. It is understood that unemployment will increase in Bangladesh by 2025, with a disaster in favor. Unless we proceed with this matter. Prepare in advance. Planners will have to think about this. There will be some specimen to face the storm. Some of them are given – Every citizen of the country has to be educated and educated.

We need to teach useful science. Many of our students worry about this place of education. Examination leakage, corruption, political-school-college establishment through corruption, recruitment of deaf people, fraud and coaching. These are collapsing our education. And our education researchers do not want to think about it. But at the moment, they should be considered most about these things. To go ahead with the storm of the fourth industrial revolution, we have to adopt modern era education of science and to be dependent on the internet-based work, the skills of the unemployed workers to be trained by outsourcing. Development of education sector. Youth’s intellectualization needs to be boomed. Only then will we be able to live up to the negatives of the fourth industrial revolution and go ahead with the storm. So, I wish the senior officials to look at the issues. Yes
Writer: Student, University Laboratory College, IER Dhaka University

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