The patient should be operated, the doctor quickly reached the student

One of the protesters, who was in the hospital, quickly reached the hospital. Netizens are surprised to see such responsibilities of teenagers.

It is learned that the chairman of the Japan Bangladesh Friendship Hospital, Sarder A Naim, was arrested on Thursday by the protesters on the way to hospital. When the students saw the papers leaving the doctor, they would know that the doctor Nayeem would have to reach the hospital. In the meantime, a student stood in front of the car and reached the hospital without any hesitation.

The doctor confirmed the matter itself. The social media shared a video on Facebook that doctor. He wrote that when one of the protesting students saw legal documents of my vehicle at noon, I knew that I would reach Japan Bangladesh Friendship Hospital to conduct the operation, then at my own initiative, he reached my hospital with the help of my vehicle from the Nilkhet border to my hospital.

Dr. Nayeem said that he heard in his mouth, saying that his movement was against injustice, against dishonesty, and not for misery to the common people. Stay alive, you will be formed in your hands, the golden country of our dreams.

Students and students of the school-college are protesting against the killing of two students of Shaheed Ramij Uddin Cantonment College in the capital city airport on Thursday.