The ICC is Delighted by The Two-Year-Old Cricketing Batsman’s Batting Technique

The ICC is delighted by the two-year-old cricketing batsman’s batting technique. He has been selected as the “best supporter of the week” by the cricket regulator

Age is too short to learn A, A, A, B. At the age of two years, rather than a child, the color of the toy is much better. But the child made his biggest toy in the cricket bat. It has been shown very well that it is a great way to use it. The ICC’s highest regulatory body, impressed by his talent and talent.
The name of this child in Bangladesh is Ali. The ICC Twenty was selected as the ‘Fan of the Week’. The ICC statement, posted on social media, said, “Just two years of age. But his technique on the off side is really amazing. Ali – You are the ICC’s “Fan of the Week”. If you help the father, you will be able to do very well for Bangladesh.
Ali’s father sent the video of the incident to the ICC. The video shows that his father is throwing the ball in front of the ‘underarm’. And Ali is playing the stroke on the off side with the front leg like the bat tight batsmen. Most strokes seem to be in the middle of the bat. The most beautiful thing is the boy’s follow-through. After holding a stroke, the bat holding scene will impress anyone.
Ali’s batting has taken two international media. It is normal to take it. Bangladesh’s next genius is that!
Ali’s batting video link:


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