The first woman in a news presentation in Saudi

In Saudi Arabia, the bigotry of corruption has been broken. Another milestone in women freedom in the country was added last Sunday. This is the first time in the public television that women produced history by presenting the main news of the night. It is seen in Saudi TV Channel 1 that women are reading the news with another male colleague.

This way of Saudi women’s advance was not easy. Until last year, Saudi Arabia was the only country in the world, where women were also prohibited from driving. Sometimes the protesting women did not come up in the country. But the success of the women’s revolution began to come again and again by the state or the government. This year the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman has announced Vision 2030 That announcement was virtually revolutionary. Yuvraj said that the centuries old restrictions on the appointment of women in various fields would be lifted. The economy is not dependent on mineral oil only, it is decided to expand. A fair world opens for women. Outside the barracks, the women started to find their own entities.

One of the pioneers of them is Mohammad Al-Dakhil. On Sunday evening, everyone presented surprise news to the public TV channel, Like all other fields, he also does not go any less than any man; Saudi TV also tweeted about the appointment of Woman Al-Dakhil with pride.

Since the announcement of Yuvraj, the appointment of women in the private sector has started. In this month, they will be recruiting women as co-pilots and flight attendants on the plane of the airline of Flynn in Riyadh. Before that, restrictions on driving of women were lifted in June. Prior to this, women’s race was first organized in Saudi Arabia in March. There was also a huge response.

Earlier, in 2016, in a private TV channel, a woman, named Zumna Al Shami, was seen reading the news in the morning. Although the first TV anchor to be known as Zumana’s name, Wimie is the first professional TV channel professional woman Anchor. With the help of his hand, a novelty of women’s revolution in Saudi Arabia seems to be the reason that the world is living.