The first Muslim woman in the US Congress

There are many experiences of living in Rashida Tilaib, only 14 children should not be universal.

In the family of the Palestinian migrant family, Tilaibe earned her first high school diploma. Then college degree and law degree

Tilib was the first elected Muslim woman in Michigan law. In this post, he served the maximum six years.

In January, Tilib is going to be America’s first Muslim congressman.

An NPR report says that 42-year-old Tilib, a Detroit resident, whose father worked in the Ford factory, won Democratic Primaries in Michigan, and earned the right to compete as an unpopular candidate for the US House election.

In a tweet message, Rashida Tilib said, ‘I have lost the language to say something. We are eagerly waiting to fight for your interests in Congress. ‘

Rashida Tilib is replaced by former Representative John Connors. Long-time congressman and civil rights icon Canners resigned last year after allegations of sexual harassment against him.

Some other Muslim women are competing in the Congressional elections. However, the district is still not held in the district. Among them, Minnesota State Representative Ilhan Omar, Arizona, DeDra Aboud and Sen. Tahretra Amatul-Wadud of Massachusetts.

Minnesota Representative Keith Ellison Congress first elected Muslim representative; Indian Representative André Curson II Both black men. This means that Rashida Tilib is going to be the first Arab-American Muslim in the country.