The Complete Internet Security Manual (4th Ed) – December 2019

The Complete Internet Security Manual (4th Ed) - December 2019

English | 195 pages | PDF | 132 mb

Viruses, malware, ransomware; phishing, Smishing, vishing, social engineering … the list of digital threats with peculiar names expands daily and hardly a moment goes by without some form of attack appearing in the news. We live in interesting times, where data is worth more than oft or gold and your personal information is greatly sought after by cybercriminals, scammers and hackers. How prepared are
you for this new age of digital vandalism and theft? Is your Windows 10 computer secure against the continual onslaught of the modern online world? We’ll help you secure your computer, network and devices against such threats and with easy to follow tutorials, help arm you against potential threats and attacks. For parents and guardians, we also cover looking out for your children when online, together with guides on how best to protect them and advice from industry experts. You’ll soon be security savvy and prepared for whatever digital threat looms on the horizon.

8 Modern Day Security
28 Protecting Yourself
68 Online Protection & Disaster Recovery
94 Advanced Security Tips
130 Online Child Protection
166 Further Protection for Young Adul

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