The book that opens the Traum’s ‘Pants’

A new book by the famous Washington Post journalist Bob Woodward, ‘Fier, Trump in the White House’, was stirred before it was published. This book once again questioned the qualifications of the trump as the president.

So far the half-dozen books have been published on the brief regime of President Trump, Trump and his supporters blamed them as ‘baseless’. But the author of ‘Fear’ is a journalist and writer who has received Pulitzer Prize for two or two times for his research report. President Nixon was forced to resign because of his continuous report on the watergate scandal with fellow writer Karl Bernstein, and was forced to resign. A commentator commented, if one-fifth of his new book is true, then it will be proved once more that Trump is not just inappropriate as a President, his position in the White House is dangerous for American national security.

The book has not yet come to market. The current reporter did not get the chance to read books. Those who have read the copy of this book, they said that close relatives of the trumpet have questioned the qualifications and mental wellness of the trump. Writing the 448-page book, Woodward interviewed more than 100 current and former trump officers, most of which were taped. The most controversial information in this book is:

1. Trump lawyer John Dowd was convinced that he would be found guilty of being a liar when he was facing the question paper in which Robert Müller is investigating the question of reconciliation with Russia. At the White House, his lawyers became so distraught after hearing the answer to a ‘fake question-answer’ trump that they went to the front of Müller and repeat that “fake question-answer”. The question arises, who does not have the question-answer qualification in judicial inquiry, what he can be the President of the country!

2. In a meeting in January last year, Trump instructed Defense Minister James Mattis to kill Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Mattys ignored that advice. In the same meeting, Trump opposes the huge expenditure on South Korean defense. After the meeting, Matty’s comments were, like the children of the fifth or sixth grade of intelligence of trump.

3. White House Chief of Staff John Kelly Trump seems to be an idiot. His comment on the trump was that the attempt to convince this man is meaningless. Kelly’s words, ‘We are all in a mad town.’

4. Trump’s comment about his former Chief of Staff Rhince Prebiss, this man is a ratty rats, and he’s been running there from time to time.

5. Trump loves to mimic the use of former National Security Advisor MacMaster. In his language, this man wear a cheap suit, and in conversation is like a vendor.

6. One of the favorite practices of the trump is that Law Minister Jeff Sessions is constantly humiliated. Calling him a trump traitor and a little intelligent.

7. Once the trump was told to trade minister Umber Ross, ‘You are now old, there is no need to take part in discussions about trade agreements.

8. Trump decided to cancel the trade agreement with South Korea. So that he can not do anything, White House staff secretary Robert Porter and economic adviser Gary Cohen have removed a document from his office table. Cow told Woodward that he did the job considering national security. Needless to say, that letter was stolen, Trump could not catch it. White House officials removed from the table, which gave trump to the withdrawal of the Nafta contract.

9. Many White House officials were ready to resign in protest of how Trump spoke on behalf of their party after a racist procession in Charlottesville last year. Woodward said that at the request of his colleagues, Trump condemned racist in a written statement, but later told to White House officials that such condemnation of racism was a mistake. ‘I am never wrong and I will never do that,’ Trump said.

Needless to say, Woodward’s book from the White House is completely false and the former officials of the current administration have been rejected as a result of personal wrath. Trump himself also rejected the book as being deceptive. In a tweet he said Woodward is a Democrat, the only purpose of publishing his book before the midterm elections, and that is to help the Democrats.

Woodward, however, said that everything in the book is true. He has records of interviews in addition to several documents. He also released a recording of his conversation with Trump. Trump told him there for a long time. “You were always balanced about me,” Trump told Woodward there.

Carl Burnstein, who shared the Watergate scandal with the Pulitzer Prize for the disclosure of information, commented, from this book, that the trump is now a threat to the national security of the United States. A group of White House officials took the responsibility of protecting the United States from the trump. Barnstein told CNN that after reading this book one thing is clear, and there is no other clothes in Trump’s body.