The allegations of harsh torture of Palestinian woman journalists in Israeli prisons

A Palestinian woman journalist is accused of torture in Israeli prisons The 42-year-old journalist’s name is Lama. The allegation, the prison authorities have chosen the path of cruelty to take ‘baseless confession’ from him.

Yesterday the media said in the Palestine

Recently, a lawyer from the Palestinian Prisoners Club (PPC) met with the Lama sector in prison.

The lawyer said that the interrogators in the prison were scared of the Lama sector. They fear Lama that if he does not confess, his relatives will be arrested.

He said that this journalist was always kept in a small chair in jail. Not only that, he was tied to his hands on handcuffs. Even he is not allowed to go to the toilet.

The PPC has expressed concern about the issue.

Source: Middle East Monitors