The 9 questions that the Interviewer ask during the Conversation

One of the best ways to succeed in career is to build strong contacts with everyone. And to build a transparent and effective communication, you must learn through conversations, about them. And whether this general talk is as simple and simple as we can, we can not easily keep our conversations going on smoothly or easily, but we can not understand what we should say. And so you have to listen to each other, and you must learn to speak the right thing to yourself. And to be self-employed or to establish a social program, you need to know the right questions and simultaneously avoid the habit of talking about unwanted things – for example, when you have to learn to avoid talk of conversation with anyone about politics.

Externally, behavior and vocal should be attentive towards the voice so that the boredom is not published. The brain should be trained in such a way that it creates an attitude of emotions and smiles to each other. When someone laughs with you, you also have to be lucky to have the ability to calm down, if the situation is not inadequate for any reason.

To be a quintessential personality, you need to know the right questions, and in this way you will be able to know the correct information and answers from each other.

One of the sources of mutual understanding is the desire to know about other stories, achievements and emotional places. Another advantage of this strategy is that the positions of belief are firmly established. Wherever you want to take the conversation, the other person will be driven in that direction.

If you are talking to someone at work or working at a meeting to talk about business, then the best step for you at the beginning is not to start talking about business or business first. Start a few simple conversations with that person, ask for work or business in a slow conversation, it will be easy to know about any information for you if you have created a trusted place by talking to another person. In other words, in order to get to the bottom of the conversation with someone, you need to know about the person before. Many of us may not start talking well, or many may not have the habit of speaking so much at the beginning, so you need to know where when you start talking with some words you can go deep into the conversation.

1. Which issues stimulate you?
According to writer David Burkus, the answer to this question can go any direction (action life, personal life, etc.). A big answer to this question can be matched with your personal or work life, which will make the road ahead of your conversations. Apart from this, it is also an effective means of knowing which questions the respondents are interested in.

2. What are you looking forward to knowing?
This question is similar to the previous but, according to Burkus, answering this question, the respondent must be told with a detailed analysis.

3. Which is the best thing that happened this year?
The respondent must answer this question on any one incident. You can also say a lot about the incident for the next conversation and simultaneously find some new things for the next discussion.

4. What important thing should I know about you?
Although this question is a direct question about the person, this question needs to be done in terms of any word. You must not do any such question before, even in the second or third questions, in order to have an idea about the person in terms of the situation, you need to adjust this question in a situation.

5. Tell your story
This question creates an open space for the respondent, where anyone can open his story and tell his story. Alas, this opportunity to talk openly gives a clear idea about the other person, as well as a helpful question to advance the next conversation.

6. Tell a moment that defines you?
This is a question that helps a person to know deeply and helps in establishing relationships with the person at the same time. Of course, there must be a position before a few general questions that the respondent may be interested to talk about its deeper issues.

7. Why did you choose this profession?
What are you doing before this question? There are some common questions to be asked. The answer person of this question can give ideas about different aspects of life. The answer to this question can be known in what questions he evaluates, what motivates him, and the transparency of many such things he loves to do, is possible through this question.

8. Which book is currently reading?
Maybe the respondents and your favorite authors are the same and it is possible to go deeper into the conversation. At the same time, you can also take some tips for reading books which will help you to improve your relationship with the respondent.

9. How can I help you with this moment?
If you want to make your conversation more valuable, if a place of confidence is created, ask the person how you can help him or her personally or professionally. You will be surprised to see how everyone will feel how happy you are with such thinking behavior.

Your intentions for establishing your true interests, words and relationships will be to make your conversations arbitrary or whether the future will open up to the door of opportunity. Why do not you always plan for the question, always open and easy questions, and avoid work and related questions, you will definitely have good relations with the person you know.