That’s Why The Trump Is’t Afraid of Khamenei

On June 13, an article by the former United States Ambassador to the United Nations Jalame Khaliljad was published in the Washington Post. In this, he said that the opportunity to sit in direct talks with the trump is made before the Iranian government after the trump of Iran-carrying out of the deal and imposing fresh sanctions on Tehran. He argued that the United States has sanctioned the ‘highest level’ economic sanctions on Iran, which will not only prevent Iran from carrying proxy war in the Middle East, but it will be a major shock for the country’s stability due to economic tension.

Khalilzad said the Obama administration had benefited from following this exercise. Under pressure from the sanctions, Iran was forced to sit in the negotiation table in 2013, and in the time of President Hassan Rouhani, Iran signed a nuclear deal in 2015. However, this argument does not seem to fit in the present situation. The idea that Tehran will sit again on the table if the blockade is considered bad.

Like North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has no need to accept the legitimacy of the regime from the United States. As a result, it is not necessary at this moment to sit in front of the Trump in front of him, but instead of discussing with the trump, Khamenei may have to face upside down. In this, Khamenei will lose many supporters outside the country and the country.

Ayatollah Khamenei has always expressed doubts about US and US policies. Even after signing the agreement in 2015, he had closed all the way for the new agreement with the United States. After leaving the trump agreement, Khamenei has been proven strongly for the fact that Washington has not been able to believe it so long.

Khamenei’s political ideology and location are at the center of anti-US opposition. He has said since the beginning that the West is plotting to overthrow the Islamic Republic from Iran and build a colony in the region. The commitment of Khamenei politics lies in the promise of countering this ‘plot’. In his speech, Khamenei always used the so-called ‘Axis of Resistance’ (Allied Security). This ‘Allied power’ means to understand the united forces of Western anti-aggression countries. The United States has Venezuela against its allies.

The statement that Khamenei’s political position is standing on is that since the Islamic Revolution, the United States has been trying to change the way the Iranian government has “changed the behavior”. Khamenei thinks that if he gives a little discount to the eyes of the United States, they will look for opportunities to build greater pressure.

It is believed that the idea of ​​building ‘allies of resistance’ against American imperialism has kept Khamenei at 30 years of rank. Now he is 79 years old. The body was broken. He wants to leave this legacy now, through which Iranians will respect him for a long time. Under his regime, Iran’s nuclear program could have included the country in the club of atomic powers; But due to the signing of the contract in 2015, Khamenei lost his chance. There is no other legacy than the ‘anti-American’ and ‘anti-imperialism’ agenda in front of him. That is why he will not want to be undermined by the pressure of the United States. Rather, he wants to become immortal among them by pushing America’s opposition stronger.

Khamenei now gets more public support since the United States quit the deal. He will continue to follow the policy that Iran has followed earlier in the decades to come under international pressure. Khamenei has already returned to ‘preventive economy’. Under this policy, Iran will reduce domestic imports and increase domestic production. And politically Khamenei has already said that they have no idea of ​​sitting directly with the trump. The Iranian leaders are saying that they should sit in talks with the United States, most Iranians think they are the West’s broker. That’s why Khamenei has no chance to meet Trump.

Saeed Gollar is a teacher of the Department of Political Science at Tennessee University.

Taken from Al Jazeera