Technology is Addictive ?

Zaheer Saheb (not the real name) was talking with the son Amalan (not the real name). Noticed that the boy is responding to the point of voice and after a while he swipe his smartphone screen. Zahir was disturbed, but he knows, why is he just unaware, the whole generation is somehow like that.

Actually that is it. You will see such a scene in horror. At the street, at the restaurant, movie theater. Even at the office. These people have now disappeared a lot. The work speed is increasing in the field, the office’s emergency mails are being answered fast

The friend’s marriage or President Trump’s new work is not avoiding attention. At least the technology shopkeeper has brought us all in our pocket, the smartphone, Usain Bolt-speed Internet.

The smartphone is a lot like refrigerators, it’s time to open up something new or not. Exception here, the smartphone has repeatedly asked us to open it. Here’s a small ringtone, there’s a little bit of vibration. The work on our head has started. Maybe an Emergency e-mail, or a jiggy friend’s fictil joke. A reward promise at the end of each job. Listening to the praise of the boss, or the story of the laughter of the old man.

Meanwhile, the World Health Organization (WHO) calls video game addiction as a gaming disorder. That means if you can not stop playing games you or I are ill according to the international standards. In the digital era, WHO is now focusing on the digital ‘Well Being’. Now, not just heroin or cocaine, people may be addicted to digital technology.

At first we need to remember, technology services are not just services; Every software or service is becoming a huge industry. Modern-day billionaires did not make machines such as Henry Ford, Alva Edison or Enzo Ferreri. Now the millionaire club holder, the programmers wearing dirty jeans

Such software designs will, often, want to come back to mind. Social network, online shopping, gaming knows how to bring the consumer back to thousand. You have a picture, and the mind will remain online for a short time. So make it interesting, will be impressive. The more the like, the comments will come, the more I can get from my footprint online.

There is more tendency to be in the team; 20,000 received an article. I mean, I’ll share the shares. Do not fall back, Bolt-speed will run with the Internet. There is a feeling of being with everyone. In the process of evolution, people have a tendency to blend in with everyone, using it as a tool to trade a lot. Its side effects are our latest digital addiction.

Social media content is giving us the infotainment. There are some things that we have, we can learn new things, and there is no excitement like the schoolhouse class. This digital world is stirring both together with the crazed curiosity and desire for people. There is nothing to lose here.

But it is absolutely unprecedented for people, it is not like that. Social media has increased the speed of interaction of people, many times. With a lot of discussion, just talking or emergency work, it is going to be sitting in the house. Dopamine is being dried up in our brain by responding to technology handling every time we feel the work at the beginning.

Russian psychologist Ivan Pavlovich was a test. Pavelovich played a bell once before giving his dog a daily meal. A few days later, the dog was ready to eat the bell, saliva was dripping, the pavlovic dog became excited for food.

We are now going missing the phone screen in search of dopamine, like the Pavlovich dog in the notification. If people suddenly stop using the phone, people are treated like drug addicts. Get rid of the mood, get a good mood if you use a smartphone. They all remind the appearance of a heroin addict.

During the crossing of the road, the face hanging on the phone, the hiring of dangerous places, or the absence of going to the social media, the lament of not being able to join anything is now the daily scene. All of us are running like Pavlovich’s dogs.

But the incident may not be so. Digital technology is not an unbroken horse like Arak, heroin, cocaine or other drugs. If we want to know about this technology, we can understand it. Software-Benazidas can be used in surveillance, our digital technology can be more human, human-friendly. There may be some fall in the market, but we must first know the answer to the question, the market for the people, or the market for the people.