Summer laptop fair 2018 from Dhaka on Thursday

The Bangabandhu International Conference Center (BICC) will be launching the ‘Aforetke Summer Laptop Fair, 2018’ on Thursday, August 2, beginning from Thursday. It is the country’s 20th laptop show organized by Expo Maker. The fair will run every day from 10am to 8pm. The admission price for the fair is 30 rupees.

The organizers said, this year, the title of one title sponsor pavilion, five sponsor pavilions, 14 mini pavilions and 27 stalls will showcase and sell their latest technology products by top leading technology manufacturers and marketing companies in the country and abroad. The main sponsor of the fair is the aforetake. Acer, Asus, Dell, HP and Lenovo are the co-sponsors.

The organizers told the reporters at a press conference in Dhaka on Sunday evening.

Mr. Abdul Fattah, Chairman of Global Brand Private Limited, Mr. Imrul Hussain Bhuiyan, Country Manager of HP Bangladesh, Mr. Atiqur Rahman, Country Manager of Dell, Mr. Md. Al Fouad, Channel Sales Consultant of Acer, Shakib Hasan, and Expo Maker Strategic Planner, Muhammad Khan.

Muhammad Khan said that along with laptops, the participants will be present on the latest technology and design devices in the fair. The latest models of popular brands, as well as laptops, are also available in the spare parts. All types of products are available special discount and gifts.

Abdul Fattah said, the AFTORATIC title sponsors at the fair this year. There are offers, discounts and offers for visitors to the fair. Various products of the aforetake can be found in the fair.

HP Manager Country Manager Imrul Hussain Bhuiyan said, “The HP Fair will be available with new designs and updates products. There will be consumer-friendly laptops, there will be good products. Lots of our stock Laptops can be bought, discounts, offers and other exciting gifts.

Country Manager of Dell Bangladesh, Atiqur Rahman said, this new Laptop Fair brings a new laptop to the new laptop. As well as other Dell laptops can also be found. Buying laptops from the fair will give the buyer the discount During the fair, there will be a variety of offers including gifts.

Asus Bangladesh Country Manager Al Fouad said Asus’s gaming laptop will be available for buyers in the fair. If you buy laptops, there will be discounts, offers and gifts. The new design and model laptop will be on the occasion of the fair.

Acer Bangladesh channel sales consultant Shakib Hasan said, Buyers will be assured of guaranteed buying of Acer laptops at the fair. There will be discounts and discounts in fairs.

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