Students showed how are the Turmoil: Shakib Khan

If I did not have the shooting costume, I would go down the street with the students. It seemed like so many times to look so disciplined and beautiful.

The words are Shakib Khan, the most popular hero of Bangladesh. Today, protesters meet with students and talk about this hero. On the way to shooting ‘Captain Khan’ in Old Dhaka, Shakib Khan met the protesters at Motijheel Shapala Square. He told the first light that he.

Shakib Khan was aware of the movement of students from the beginning. He also supported the demand for soft-spoken students in the movement. Today, he has also met with the students, who have been talking about shooting. Shakib Khan said, “When the students of Motijheel Shapala Chattar at around 11am stopped the car. I was sitting in the front seat of the car. Then the students came running to see me. Car windows open. Students came running and called me to join the movement. But if I can not go down the street, immediately tell the students about my support for peaceful and logical movements. ”

Shakib went out of the house after shooting the dress. So, could not get out of the car. He said, ‘Talking to the students for a while, in the car. Then it was raining, the students did not move in this rain. They are protesting in a peaceful manner, demanding a peaceful solution. The movement against long-standing irregularities, which were meant to be done by the elders. They showed how to move. I learned new definitions. I was not able to support everyone as I am trying to make everyone aware. ‘

None of the capitalist people are safe because of the anarchy of Bangladesh’s transport sector. Shakib said, “Today the soft students are demanding movement in the streets. The government’s organizations which were supposed to see a fitnessless car, did not do anything for so long. I am with this movement. If necessary, get along with students on the street. This movement is not against the government, against irregularities. In my opinion, everyone wants to follow the rules, seek solutions for premature death, and return home safely. This movement is every conscious person of Bangladesh. ‘

Students protested against the death of two students in a road accident in Jabal Noor Paribahan on Sunday at the Airport Road. On that day, students demanded hanging of a desperate driver and demanding that the punishment be included in the constitution, not riding the fitness road on the road, hiking for the students of the whole country, arranging half-rent for students across the country, and demanding a few quotes including Shipping Minister Shahjahan Khan. . The demands of the capital students spread all over the country.