State Repair: Teenage Artisans

In the capital of Bangladesh, the complexity of complex road management has been introduced to allow minority facilities, plunder and corruption. During this complexity, security has lost, minimum interest, and many hours of work hours. So the boys repaired this management. Do the drivers blame them for the reckless driving? What is the biggest obstacle in road road of Dhaka? What is the end of this situation? Writes – Firoz Ahmed Keywords: Understanding the Road Management Status of the Capital, Firoz Ahmed Keywords:

The country needs serious repair, the boys have shown it on the streets in the week. There are two things in the way of taking the highway with their simple and firm minds.

A. Confidence, anger and sadness in the present. It has been published in the form of volcanoes. This is part of the response to the incident.

B. The desire to show the city, which is becoming increasingly complex, to bring a simple and natural way to the plunder of robbery. This is the political desire that has been revealed in the incident,

If we look back at the way of the desire of the teenager, in the direction of the transport system of Dhaka city, most of the city planners and transport experts, who do not know or do not know how to look at the road management, do not have much difference between them. The reason for this deep match is that the principles of this management are actually going to be very straightforward, most of which would be advantageous. But in the capital of Bangladesh, increasingly complex and state-of-the-road management has been introduced to allow minority facilities, plunder and corruption. In the midst of this complexity has been lost, the security has been lost, the minimum life expectancy has been lost, the number of work hours lost. The boys cleared the dirt, cut complexity in a single way, and again tried to bring back the simplicity of the kingdom to the streets of Dhaka. They will try to suppress them, because their movement is apparently against a sickly laugh of a minister, but its programs have shocked even the fundamentals of minority corruption, benefits and plunder. It is not so easy to give up the minister; Because the representative of the system, the pressure to make him sweat will be more difficult to handle then.


Those who have to ride in public transport in Dhaka, or in any other transport, who are on the streets, even on the pavement; They all noticed the insecurity side. Drivers drive back indiscriminately. But what will they blame for this reckless attitude? Drivers of Dhaka have no salary, there are trip based wages or daily lease. In this way, the owners forced the drivers to join the ranks of taking as many passengers as possible by motivating the competition among themselves. As a result, another bus competition with a bus. The result of which is not only of the passengers, motorcycles, cyclists and pedestrians are either injured or killed. The panic is casual. In the last incident, we saw that Mim and Rajib collapsed in the same jabalal because of the competition for two bus companies of Noor Company. The only way to end this situation is to bring Dhaka buses under a single or root-based company. Ensure that only one company will live on a route. There will be a separate lane on public transport for immediate public transport. Urban transportation system has to be modernized. Under the Route based single company, the implementation of Strategic Transport Plan (STP) to release all routes and buses will stop the bus competition from the bus. All of the bus owners will be partners and investors of this company. Experts will determine the number of buses needed for a city. The required number of buses should be imported and all will be under the company. This institution, which is privately and privately owned, will be able to personally partner with it. If necessary, skilled manpower will be developed with the help of experienced and skilled organizations.

Another excellent aspect of the movement of the youth is that they did not have any poisonous workers. Rather the government and the laborers have tried to bring the workers against the students, and they have not been very successful. So the attack on the students was the main reliance of the police and the BCL. But as owners and owners are mostly members of the government team, they are often able to use the workers as a lumber. But the main movements of the transport workers to become owners of the movement. The way to get rid of it is to force the government instead of law; For example, the drivers will have to specify specific wages and hours.

Harassment and corruption will also be stopped in the licensing of transport workers. The procedure for licensing at BRTA will be accountable and transparent. Corruption officials and employees must be punished. Proper training should be given to increase efficiency of all workers of the transport sector including drivers. To stop the accident, the workers must ensure their physical and mental well-being by ensuring eight hours of work hours and proper retirement. On the other hand, strict action must be taken to stop driving in a drug addict. Regular supervision and punishment must be kept. Most transport workers agree to accept this arrangement now because they get rid of the mafia regime and they get assured retirement and salary.

It is also very unfair to push children into public transport in a densely populated city like Dhaka, dangerous. Therefore, in order to prevent accidents, school and college buses must be compulsorily in every educational institution. If there is no transport for the students, then any educational institution.

The most unfair aspect of the road settlement of Dhaka is the public outburst of public extortion. Terminals in the terminal to stop the extortion of police, mastan and mafia. Every year millions of rupees are collected in the streets of Dhaka. Payment of this fund is also responsible for the unhealthy behavior of transport workers. Transport workers have to raise their wages after the owner’s money, fuel money and extortion money are collected. And to ensure the huge extortion income, the Mafia community played such a desperate role in suppressing the student movement.

Another horrifying aspect of public transport in Dhaka is that, due to lack of management, ‘the one who has his strength’ – the rule of this sick policy? Who will be able to transport? That can arise, toss someone else up, or spend more money on the expensive bus. The rest of the people, a large part of them, are elderly, women, children and physically disabled, have to stand, wait, often what is hours in hours. The number of accidents on the buses has become very common, it has become a common matter. We see in the capital the feeling of tension and competition rather than respect and tolerance, this transport system has a profound role in building its mind. The practice of standing in single companies and compulsory lines, but will change this behavior. Experts will sit down to determine the necessary needs. Accordingly, the number of vehicles and seats needed to be increased in the required ratio. Distribution of seats for women, children and disabled. Besides, strict action against sexual harassment in public transport, including the cancellation of approval of the driver and the assistant, will be imposed.


Dhaka is the city of waste? Because lack of cleaners Why chaos in the streets of Dhaka? Because lack of police. But students have shown that if they have the opportunity, they are willing to take up all these responsibilities on their own shoulders. The fancy scouts, BNCCs, which are practiced in the country, are playing the role of the people, unknown to the people. Although there is no shortage of money on their back. Rather, a true volunteer settlement is needed, which can be used to turn these interested teenagers on a weekly basis and bring discipline to many cities and towns. If they are inspired, these boys will be able to do all the tests and sanctions by starting dirty cleansing of corruption. In this way directly with the country, with the citizens, with their good and bad they can be able to build themselves as active citizens. It is possible to develop both their physical and mental health, in many countries, so this volunteer is used as part of very important social education.

In this movement, the political effectiveness of the country has been as a backdrop in which we have seen the desire to take over the authority of the youth in this movement. When people do not have the place to speak, no one will listen to them, they say ‘shoots them’, they have suppressed all the movements, when there is no talk of the people in the parliament, then a casual thing like transporting adults is more than annoyance and anger And he lost interest in doing something. Their sensation was lost, insecurity had accustomed them with the situation. Teenagers have been excluded from this habit. It is actually an indication of the future. This movement has shocked a politically uninhabited, unbroken, unrelenting generation of people for decades. The teenager in the street of Rampura saw that the fire was burning in the mouth with the trumpet, and the finger in the other hand indicates the car coming in a row – no one dared to deny his intentions. The politics that is his education, the love that the country has made, the outward manifestation of the desire to take responsibility, but not easily lost.


There are two effective ways to make any changes. Either it will be reformed gradually, or one day it will be canceled. Either the rulers will reform the situation by reforming the needs, or the people will get bogged down and break the uncertain. We are seeing a settlement of this on the streets of Dhaka. Reformation or revolution, usually depending on the ruler’s character Sometimes there is force to apply for reform, people have to go to the field to keep the state structure properly and to repair it.

There are some clever clever people in the field to give advice to the teenager’s return home. There is no reason to think that those who are looting millions of crores of rupees every day from the existing transport system will be able to give up the comfort settlement so little. The clever people are actually saying that the money of this shadowed part of the money is moving slightly sweet. Teenagers also understand that, so they reminded the end of the quota reform movement. As a result, the lathiyals are also falling in the ground, they return to their homes in the attack-threats and thunderbolt. But Dhaka was never safer than it was. Dhaka was never more disciplined than that. Even students did not attack transport workers. They just brought discipline into the city. Workers will also be responsible for not standing against the children of the voice of the public, but to understand their rights from the owners.

Children are playing their own twelve? He will read the memoir of Satyen Bose, one of the most important Bengali scientist in the world, and he and Meghnad Saha who have shown excellence in mathematics and physics, his persecution came in the spirit of British anti-British movement. Such a deep stirring thought gives rise to the thought and consciousness in the society, its impact has been found throughout the ages. Be sure, the children of the road reform movement, the whole system of repairing craftsmen,