Sofia Could Not Get to The Level of Advanced Intelligence Yet

Robot Sophia has to remember? The robot, which was created by Hong Kong-based Hanson Robotics, has dumped Dhaka in December last year. Hong Kong’s company is doing business with the robot created by artificial intelligence. Are they cheating people by showing ‘dolls’, or is it really real intelligence? Experts say that Sofia’s intelligence is still not in advanced stages.

According to a report by the US media CNBC, Hospice Robotics is marketing Sophia in a variety of ways, even if Sophia is not alive. But how much of the artificial intelligence improvement in Sofia?

CNBC says, Sofia Robot has now become a cultural symbol. From the stage show to Sofia has been placed on the cover page of various magazines. Sophia attracts big technology conference Sophia has given a speech to the United Nations Sofia is considered as the art of artificial intelligence (AI) or artificial intelligence. But it is a matter of consideration for how much public relations techniques and social experiments are made for use.

A report in Forbes Online says that after discussions about Saudi Arabia’s citizenship to Sofia, a comprehensive discussion was made. While appearing in Riyadh, he was immediately impressed with the artificial intelligence of the robot and he was granted citizenship immediately. Robot works with artificial intelligence, visual data processing and facial recognition. Sophia was introduced on April 19, 2015. Using artificial intelligence, Sofia can answer many questions. Already in front of the media workers in different parts of the world, the question has been answered. Not only that, he can laugh in a suitable situation, even a joke can tell.

But to understand Sofia, it is important to know more. Who is behind this? David Hansen is behind this. He is the founder and chief executive of Hanson Robotics. But in the world of artificial intelligence, he is not considered to be a big man.

Hanson graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design in the United States of America. Then Walt has worked as an emigrant in Disney. He worked on creating various sculptures and robot technology for various themeparks. Later, he completed his PhD from the University of Texas on Interactive Arts and Engineering. His career goal is to create robotic people-like robots. In 2005, he was a co-writer of the paper, and he was told about his goals on the future of robotic. There are some similarities with what is currently being done with Sofia.

The eight-page paper is called ‘Appending the Unkenny Valley’. It originally hindered Hanson towards the theory of Uncanny Valley. According to that theory, people who do not like human beings, but not the whole human, will not like robots, because they are unthinkable and people have a disgust for the person’s mind. Hanson opined that it would be advantageous to understand the absurdity of robots. So there is nothing to fear about running robots like humans.

David Hanson said, “Sophia is a social robot. Who has been created in such a way that he can answer the questions of man. Anyone can learn the behavior of human beings. So, we need to create an intelligent machine. We want to keep him with us. Now she is like a baby to us. Gradually he will spread on the earth. He can love and teach people. He can understand the dreams of the person and he will work for the developed world in the future. As soon as he grows up he will know a lot. Over time, his ideas will change. ‘

Hanson also said that his organization is working on both scientific and artistic concepts to improve robot-like people. The tests are being performed on a robot like a Sofia. He is working on a conceptual method. According to her idea, Sofia is still at the child level. The next step is the Artificial General Intelligence (AIG). But it is not possible for the people to achieve it yet.
Hanson thinks that artificial intelligence makers would have to think like parents or parents when they reach the AIG level. He said, “AIG will have to be bigger like a good child. It does not look like anything tied in a chain. “According to him, the only way to find safe super intelligence is to do this.

A Reuters report says that the world’s largest companies are now running behind artificial intelligence. The goal of everyone is to achieve Super Intelligence. Experts have long been trying to reach the level of Super Intelligence. Did Sofia go to that level?

Experts say that Sophia could still not go to that level if the Artificial General Intelligence (AIG) considers it.

Ben Goretzel, principal scientist at Hanson Robotics, said, “From software perspective, Sofia can be called a platform. The laptop is such a platform to do any work, as well as platform Sofia. Different types of software programs can be run in the same robot.

There are three different types of control systems in Sofia. One is the timeline editor. The other two are ‘Safified Chat System’ and ‘OpenCog’. The timeline editor is a direct scripting software. Whatever the script will be done in it, Sophia will do the same. Through a sophisticated chat system, Sofia can pick up different sounds and run conversations. OpenCog is the experience of sophia in different subjects and intelligence to achieve. This system is available.