Smartphone addiction why? What is the remedy?

Shrabani (pseudonym) has become angry. He is worried about the ways of reducing the value of Ratul Priyasir sitting in a rage beside him. She complained, after returning from office, she spent more time in the smartphone business than her husband. It can not be repeatedly said that to him. Dhundhuri quarreled with this Falling down to save the family, Ratul can not understand how to keep the smartphone away!

The triangular situation with smartphones is happening now. This unconditional love for smartphones is popularly called smartphone addiction. Additional dependency on the smartphone is not yet officially identified as ‘addiction’ or disease. In psychology, the main cause of this kind of addiction is not Internet, smartphones. But there is no end to the debate over this.

According to information technology experts, the iPhone came in the market with improved features in 2007. Since then, smartphones have started around the world. In 2018, it has become such a situation that everybody looks at everyone who is not in the smartphone! As a result, the number of smartphone users around the world last year was about 230 million There is no reason to think that this number will decrease this year. Because, almost all the work of the computer has filled up the smartphone. This instrument has got wide popularity in the underdeveloped, less developed and developing regions of the world.

There is darkness in the bottom of the light. There are some other uses of the smartphone. The most deadly effect is reading the human mind Smartphone spend time increases the sky is increasing. It is happening in the hazard Excessive dependence on smartphones is dragging people towards addiction. Apart from nawa-eating, some people are looking at the smartphone screen, taking some important tasks in the emergency.

According to the latest variety, the number of people who spend more than five hours per day on average is increasing day by day. The psychiatrist could not fully decide whether it was a true addiction on a smartphone or not. However, it is not the objection to accepting that it is playing the role of rhythm in everyday life.

Internet or smartphone, who is criminals?
Shortly after the opening of the engine, the issue of being addicted to it came under discussion. Kimberly Young, a psychiatrist, founded the Center for Internet Addiction in 1995. Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), which is not a mental illness, is what it says. The Internet-based virtual game includes the American Psychiatric Association. In 2013, it is said that further research is needed.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has pronounced the same warning. The organization’s International Classification of Disease (ICD) discusses the extra usage of the Internet. The use of the Internet and the use of the Internet (gaming) is creating obstacles in everyday life, it also mentions in it. But no one talked about the smartphone. Instead of smart devices, the behavioral changes of the people have been given priority.

Mark Pottenza, professor of psychiatry and neuroscience at Yale School of Medicine, says there are debates around the Internet – this issue is global. In this case, people are given more importance on delivery, not on delivery devices (such as smartphones).

So if ever it seems, life without a smartphone is intolerable, but the psychiatrist makes the stand in the Internet. Because, the smartphone is smart due to the Internet.

Associate Professor Mekhla Sarker of National Institute of Mental Health said in the first light that the use of internet on smartphones is more. If you want to play online games, then play on a smartphone or computer. Smartphones or computers may not be called addiction reasons, but they are more used to the Internet.

Mekhla Sarkar further said, ‘Smartphone is an addictive device. It is made in such a way that it is always possible to manage it. Maybe the smartphone is not being considered as addictive yet. But the Internet or gaming addictive-the easiest of all is through smartphones. So it is necessary to be careful about this. ‘

Smartphone addiction why?
Some people confuse habit and addiction. The two are not the same. The issue of addiction is different. It creates such dependency, which is quite difficult to get out of. In many cases the victim may want to get out of addiction, but his subconscious mind prevents him from doing so. It is time to get rid of any addiction like drug addiction.

Some experts say that people may have been addicted to smartphones from the desire or reward (Reward Motivated Behavior). Due to the discovery of a chemical called dopamine in human brain, such behavior occurs. Dopamine is a kind of neurotransmitter. It is related to the desire of the person’s reward. Dopamine levels are higher in humans compared to other mammals. As a social organism, people want to take part in social interaction. Born from there, the desire to get a prize or behavior. For all this, the smartphone is frequently seen, it is addictive.

However, this idea has not yet been fully proved in all the studies, said mental disease specialist Mekhla Sarkar. He said that in some studies it has been seen. It will be clear if there is no internet or games, but if there is any addiction on the smartphone, then research on it will be clear.

When is the addiction?
The exact amount of time a smartphone can be used, it can be called addiction, it is not yet fixed. Some studies have suggested that, if you use more than five hours of smartphones per day, it will reach the level of extremes. But it is not universal. According to a research paper published in the journal Research Plus One 2013, how a user behaves if smartphone is not in hand, it can be understood that additional dependency on smartphones.

Psychologist Mekhla Sarkar says that the general characteristics of addiction must be seen. If a person is continuously increasing the use of the smartphone and does not use the smartphone or feels uncomfortable, then it can be said that it is going to addiction. In this case, the physical and emotional problems of a person suffering from various problems can occur. Even after leaving many important tasks, he may continue to use a smartphone and after trying to understand it, the smartphone will not be able to escape.

What is the release?
Smartphone addiction is seriously considered by IT companies. Apple has recently said that new features have been introduced to show the time spent on iPhone. This new app will give users regular access to information about how much time users spend on iPhone in the day. It’s not just the iPhone, but it’s similar to the Android platform.

Mekhla Sarkar says, it is difficult to get rid of it when it comes to smartphones. Because, the smartphone has been engulfed with various emergency work in everyday life. He said in the first light, ‘With the exception of the smartphone, the previous feature phone can go away. The use of the smartphone as a means of using the internet can go to the computer. Apart from using smartphones, Facebook and other social media apps or gaming apps can be uninstalled. In this way, addiction can be overcome with appropriate control. In a word, the convenience of smartphones will be reduced.

Besides, the psychiatrist emphasized the need to spend time with family and friends. Mekhla said, family and friends will spend time in real life rather than virtual world.

That is, to come down from the world of imagination, the reality of dust and mud on earth. Not to be on the mobile screen, touching hands should touch the touching real flower. However, the use of the smartphone is exaggerated exaggerate.