Sigal in charge of developing Russian-American human relations

Russia has appointed Hollywood actor Steven Sigal as ‘special representative’ for developing human relations with the United States. The Russian Foreign Ministry official Facebook page said on Saturday it was said on Saturday.

Today, a report by CNN and Independent on Sunday said that Sigal is interested in interacting with US and Russian people, young generation and industry-culture. This is an honorary post like UN Goodwill. Sigal will work for the development of US-Russian relations in human affairs.

Russian President Vladimir Putin gave citizenship to Sigal in 2016. Sigal said that Putin was highly appreciated by the great leader of the world. This actor was also at Putin’s swearing in March this year

In the 1980s and ’90s, under the influence of’ Under Sees’, Sigal got popularity in various action films, Sigal. Sigal was one of them, after the “#M 2” movement began to protest against the sexual harassment of women, against some Hollywood actors.

Sigal acted movie “The Flight of Fury” is still popular with Russian people.

In an interview last year, Sigal revealed himself as a supporter of Putin. Referring to the US elections in 2016, he said in an interview that those who believe Putin or Russians intervened in the US elections, are stupid. He said that this kind of campaign is being run only for the people to understand the reality of the situation, and to spread the situation in different fields. In the interview, Sigal also referred to President Vladimir Putin as a ‘great world leader’ and ‘extraordinary tactical’.