Sexual harassment of woman journalist on the World Cup Live

Women journalists have been subjected to sexual harassment while covering the World Cup in Russia. During the live broadcast he was subjected to sexual harassment. After the video of this incident, posting social media, she called on women journalists to treat them with respect.

According to the CNN news, on Friday the German broadcasting was collecting news for Deutsche Welle’s Spanish news channel, Huliet Gonzalez Theron. During this time, he ran a sexual harassment and ran away. One person ran away.

While presenting the news on the live broadcast, the person fled to behave offensive with him. Gonzalez took care of himself. Finishing his own work.

Gonzalez Theron, German broadcaster Deutsche Welle, said that he had made preparation for the event for almost two hours for live broadcasts. He did not have any problems at this time. Whenever the live broadcast begins, then the situation is taken from the sexual harasser. After the completion of the work, I tried to find the person. But then he escaped.

Gonzalez Theron urged women to behave more respectably on journalists after giving this video of sexual abuse to Instagram in social media. He said, ‘Such behavior is not good for us. Women journalists are fully professional and qualified for work. I enjoy enjoying football news. At the same time, we need to understand the depth of our love and harassment.

The person who harassed Gonzalez Theron could not be identified.The Washington Post reported that Gonzalez Theron also worked as a freelancer on ESPN.