Microsoft Secretly takes User information on Windows 10

Microsoft is the world’s largest software manufacturer. Their popular operating system is Windows 10. Many people are using the updated Windows 10 software on their computer. Recently, some of the technical issues related to this software are published on the website. The complaint has been raised, the user’s knowledge of the computer is sending its information to Microsoft’s server on Windows 10.

According to a report by tech website My Broadband, the application usage information has stopped activating the Active History feature, but Windows 10 Windows 10 users have complained about the issue. Users say that information is being sent to Microsoft by monitoring their usage data.

The function of the Activity History feature is to collect application information on the user’s PC and send it to Microsoft when it is turned on. But the charge has been raised, there is no work to stop the feature.

A few years ago, Windows 10 users were handing over information. Then on the complaint of Microsoft users, the privacy panel feature was added to the OS. There users can control personal information. But the new charge is a big push for PC users.

According to Zenet’s report on technology, users are visiting websites, using an app-that is, Windows 10 hands-down information. In addition, users keep an eye on daily activities of Windows 10 Notification of access to information without permission is not contained in the Windows 10 policy. No information was available from Microsoft about why information is being given without permission.

According to the technology website How to Geek, this problem may be due to unclear privacy settings. App usage information is controlled with the diagnostic data settings of Windows 10. So diagnostic data collection has to be stopped. In this case, users can select Basic in Settings> Privacy> Diagnostics & Feedback settings.

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