Say goodbye Blackheads in 10 minutes

Blackheads Problems Nearly Everyone Blackheads are usually black and dark in the skin of the face and nose. Blackheads may appear on many ears, back and neck. Blackheads are hard to remove permanently It may return after cleaning. So every day the skin needs to be worn.

Why is Blackheads

Afroza Parvin, a fashionist in red beauty salon, said, “Naturally, our oil is drained from the sunlight. If this oil is not well cleaned then blackheads are formed in outer dust. Oily skin is more effective on oily skin, so the tendency of blackheads is more on this skin.

Blackheads may also be a problem due to hormonal changes in the body and excessive use of cosmetics. Use cosmetics to clean it well.

According to various types of skin, Blackheads suggested some easy to remove, according to Herbus Ayurvedic Skin and Hair Care Clinic designer Afrin.

 Oily skin

The tendency of having blackheads on oily skin is very easy, but it is easy to clean. Firstly, cotton spots will be removed from the black hole. After that mix 1 teaspoon rose, 1 teaspoon olive oil and 1 teaspoon baking soda mixed with good. Mix 1 teaspoon mint Pata Pata, 1 teaspoon rice powder, 1 teaspoon of Tulsi pattabata mixed with the skin and apply it on the skin for 10-15 minutes to wash it. Blackheads will be cut in this.

 Dry and normal skin

For dry and normal skin, first make the nuts part soften by making the paste of potato and milk paste. 5-7 minutes after massage massage with warm water and put the pack will be removed. Egg yolks, half teaspoons of glycerine and 1 teaspoonful of fried wheat wheat flour will be washed in a few minutes.

 Mixed skin

Aloe Vera and Tocma should be blanched and pasted 5-7 minutes to nose or place in the affected area. Then after washing the kusum with hot water, one teaspoon of green tea, half a teaspoon of blackberry, and 1 teaspoon of mustard paste. Blackheads will be able to get rid of this problem once a week.

To prevent the return of Blackheads, you should clear the face twice. It removes the dirt of the skin. The oil that loses the face of a clear lymph is removed. Screw face with scrubber once a week. Blackheads will also tell you goodbye.