Saudi Women Torched The Cars Of The Miscreants

There was a case of burning a car of a woman named Salma al-Shahari in Makkah, Saudi Arabia. After the threat and harassment, his vehicle set fire to some miscreants. This is what proves that the majority of people welcomed the ban on women’s driving in the country, but some people did not come out of conservatism.
Salma al-Shahri complained that she started driving after the restrictions on women’s driving at the end of last month. In his car, he used to take the elderly parents away. Seeing this, a group of people from the Samad area of ​​Mecca asked them to stop driving. They continue to threaten and harass them in this regard. He did not care about those threats. At the beginning of this week, the miscreants set fire to his car.
Salma al-Shahri posted a video of her car on social media Twitter. He said this incident as a ‘barbarous’ act.
Meanwhile, police said that the search for youth involved in the fire was found. A source said, during the investigation, Salma was asked to give another car for use in the office of the Vice-Governor of Makkah.

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