Samsung Will Leave Fold Smartphone In 2019

There has been a long buzz about the smartphone folding in the market for a long time. South Korean company Samsung is making a folded phone. But when they will leave the phone in the market, it can not be known specifically for any day. But technology analysts are now sure that Samsung is going to release the folded smartphone market in 2019.

Currently Samsung is making the phone using ‘Winer’ codenamed. It can be a 7-inch tablet-like screen. It can be folded and used like a conventional smartphone. The price of the smartphone may be more than $ 500.

According to a report by the Wall Street Journal, when Samsung releases these folded smartphones in the market, new products will be launched. Third section of Samsung’s flagship phone will also be launched. Currently Samsung has two flagship series named Note and S series.

According to Samsung’s close source, the media and business media report said that Samsung will bring the folded phone to the mobile gamer market. It can be found in certain markets. If the initial reaction is convenient, it will be brought to market in the mid-2015.

Although initially not enough success in the phone market, the goal of the market to be the first folded smartphone technology maker.

Earlier this year, the smartphone folded in their own portfolio said that the smartphone is in their own portfolio. Samsung Mobile division chief DJ Koh said, folded phone is not a surprise, folded OLED phone will come in the year every year.

According to the Wall Street Journal report, this year, the smartphone market is expected to come in the year, but it may be going down.

At the beginning of this year, Samsung Galaxy S is a folded smartphone called the Consumer Electronic Show (CES), announced on 2019. The show will be held in January next year. Many people think that the price of the phone could be $ 1,850.

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