Samsung has shown their foldable smartphones

Finally Samsung showed their foldable smartphones. The Samsung Developers Conference (SDC2018) in California, USA, displays the new smartphone Infinity Flex displays. There was a buzz about the technology around the smartphone for a long time in the world.

On Wednesday, Samsung’s annual developer conference announced a new interface design named One UI, and the South Korean company announced it. It said the experience of smartphone usage will be much more comfortable. The smartphone can be used in one hand easily.

Samsung said Infinity Flex display would be used on their first generation of fordable or fordable smartphones. Besides, Samsung is introducing BuxBi Virtual Assistant for Developers. Bricsby can compete with Google Assistant, Apple Siri, Amazon Alexa and Microsoft Corp.

Samsung said the folded smartphone could be used as a tablet. Can be folded and kept in a pocket. It will be 7 inches in size. However, the device Samsung has shown is not the final. Later, the company will be upgraded to the market.

Justin Dennis, senior vice president of Samsung’s Mobile Product Marketing division, said, “I’m going to show a nice device that can be folded. It has a cover display that can be used as a phone, and will also work as a 7-inches-inch tablet display.

Because there is a multi-active window, it will run three apps together. Dennis said that within a few months, they will start producing Infinity Flex Display in a big way.

He did not say anything about the new smartphone when it comes to the market, but he did not say anything yet.

Google said the new type of device would support it. They are working with Samsung to bring new technology phones to the market.

Other companies are trying to come to the folding phone market as well as other companies. Huawei may bring the folded phone to the market next year. Lenovo, Shawom and LG are working with such technology.

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