Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Explosion!

Samsung’s Galaxy Note-7 explosion has not yet flooded the horror, so that another bad news came out. The Galaxy Note 9 blast is also being heard. A case has also been filed against a woman who was injured in the incident.

Real estate agent living in New York, Diane Chan, top smartphone company Samsung has filed a lawsuit against Samsung. They complained that they bought explosive Galaxy Note 9 at the beginning of the month. A New York Post report said that the woman claimed in her case that she was using her Galaxy Note 9 Mobile Phoneset while in the elevator. Suddenly it became fierce. He kept the phone in his bag. Then he heard a voice and noticed smoke coming out of his bag.

He also said, ‘I removed the phone from my bag and kept it on the elevator floor. At the time, my finger was burnt even when the burnt phone reached. Even as the whole elevator was overheated, I started screaming down the elevator button, but I could not see it properly because of the smoke. “Then I left the elevator and threw the phone in the street; But it was still burning. In this situation, a pedestrians cluttered the fabric and filled the phone in a bucket filled with water. “It is a very tragic case, claiming compensation for Changa. In addition, the Galaxy Note 9 device demanded to be banned in the phone market by mentioning it faulty. Although Samsung’s mobile business CEO DJ Cohe told in an interview to Inventor magazine last month, the Galaxy Note 9 battery is safer than ever before. There is nothing to worry about users.

The company said, we did not get any kind of blast complaint with Galaxy Note 9. However, we must investigate the incident. CNET